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Tell us what you think about targeting specific employers in your job search, as featured in Monday's Career Advice e-newsletter. How do you conduct your job searches? Do you look for jobs or companies first? How has your approach worked for you?

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Big Ocean - Why eat only crab?

by bmoss In reply to Targeting specific employ ...

My point is that by targeting only companies that you know a great deal about you will miss out on a whole ocean of opportunity. Just because you have something on your line does not mean you need to bring it into the boat.

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Re: Big Ocean - Why eat only crab?

by brian.kiser In reply to Big Ocean - Why eat only ...

I have to agree with the guy from Lexmark. If I'd have targeted only specific companies, I would have missed a couple of the best positions I've ever had.

Btw, bmoss... I'm in nearby Frankfort and have friends working at Lexmark. Small world, eh?

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Combining Seafood

by tg4FSI In reply to Re: Big Ocean - Why eat o ...

Well I think targeting the company you want to work for is the best approach. From a hiring standpoint whom would rather hire: the person who is qualified and knows about not only your industry but also your company and how he/she can add value to your bottom line; Or, the person who is also quailfied yet hasn't had the time to investigate your company because he/she is too busy following leads that they are not sure if they're intersted in but too unsure targeting a few companies and instead playing the masses with everyone else?

Of course I've never done this! But I know I'll be happier at my next job if I pick the company and not the other way around.

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Still a valid question

by Emrecall In reply to Targeting specific employ ...

So Nick I get your point, but can you answer the question? Sure targeting employers you want to work for is a great technique, but the reality of today's job hunting world is that any opportunity is still a opportunity. What are some of the techniques for finding out who the "sleeping giant" is behind a recruiter's search or blind job announcement. I ask this based on experience with a former employer that used to run blind ads just see who would respond, including current employees.

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I agree with have to ask

by cberding In reply to Still a valid question

I thought overall that this article totally bipassed the question posed by the reader.

How do you find out this information? Simple. You ask the recruiter. I have found very few recruiters who will not tell you who their client is. I would not even ask if I were not qualified or if I didn't have someone in mind who I might pass the info to directly.This is very important information to know so you don't waste their time or yours.

I have worked for companies who did the "blind ad" trick, so consequently, I followed the simple rule of not sending any resumes to any companies I could not verify. It's what you have to do to protect yourself.

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In the recruiting field...

by ghstinshll In reply to I agree with ...

Recruiters will most likely not give you the name of the hiring company unless:

1) They trust you (meaning you have a good working relationship with you rrecruiter)...

2) You are going to an interview already (usually tell you the same day)Remember that recruiters only stake in any cash is if they place you in that position, therefore they won't tell you the company name. If they tell you too early without making you sign anything (haven't had anyone do that to me), then you might go apply directly to the company, and save money from hiring fees for the hiring company, etc...

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by noortm In reply to Targeting specific employ ...

I read the above title and I strongly disagree with Mr.Crocodile. I have been in a similar situation wherby the job discription was very attractive with a very good salary. The name and the details of the company were not specified. All it said was south of 401 easily accessible in 5 minutes from HWY 401.
The description of the job was so tempting that I was determined to find out the company and get my foot in. I drove 10 minutes from the mentioned HWY and literally visited all the companies within the locality after 2 days I did manage to find the company. Although I did not get the job I ended up with a feeling of satisfaction and believe that I can get what I want if I am determined.
So pls dont discourage any one if they want to look up the job first then the company then so be it. Thanks

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Search them all!

by ghstinshll In reply to Targeting specific employ ...

When my former company closed, I seached all day on approximately 50 different company sites and search engines for positions that matched my skill set. It's tough enough just finding a match! They always came in strings it seemed though.

I didn't read the article about targeting, but the subject matter seems accurate. I searched the external (and some internal) postings of companies that I knew had great reputations and i wanted to work for, praying there was a match for my resume.

It took a LOT of resumes and cover letters, but turned out to be well worth it!

Good Luck!

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