Task Bar not showing all open items

By jennifer ·
My task bar is not showing all my open items. For example I have mozilla, outlook, windows explorer and excel open. Currently I can not see the explorer unless I alt tab to the application. Is there some setting I need to change?

Thank you.

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You can enlarge the taskbar. You may have to right-click & unlock it.

by Absolutely In reply to Task Bar not showing all ...

Then point at the top of the taskbar. When the cursor image changes to a pair of vertical arrows, you can left-click and drag up. As high as you want!

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Thank you, but this does not solve the problem

by jennifer In reply to You can enlarge the taskb ...

I know how to unlock the bar and enlarge and reduce it but it still has the notification area on 2 lines.

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In that case, I don't know.

by Absolutely In reply to Thank you, but this does ...

If it isn't a matter of running out of space on your taskbar to display all your open programs, I don't know what is happening on your computer.

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This solution worked for me

by andsaito In reply to Task Bar not showing all ...

Thanks to AskLeo <>, I have found a solution at Kelly's Korner <>. Quoting him:

"Kelly Theriot, a Microsoft MVP, has a set of tweaks available at Kelly's Korner. They're fairly light on documentation, and perhaps even a bit techie if you want to understand them. On the tweaks page scroll down to item #240, and click on "Programs Aren't Minimized in the Taskbar". That will run, or download, a "vbs" (VBScript) program which will, after confirming, reset the Taskbar's properties. Note that several other aspects of the Taskbar will also be reset to their default states, but you should get your "running programs" area back."

Hope it works for you, as it did for me.

Best, Andre

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How do I do this?

by jennifer In reply to This solution worked for ...

I went into the task bar properties and have My Music shown as a menu. Is this what you mean?

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Did you go to the address provided?

by rob mekel In reply to How do I do this?

and did you start program item 240 or the one next to it. That is the prog. to give you your music folder to your start menu.

Hope this will solve your dilemma


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Dowload item #240 in the link below

by andsaito In reply to How do I do this?

This link points directly to item #240 in Kelly's list of tweaks. Download and run it; it should fix your taskbar. I did it yesterday and it fixed mine.

Thanks Rob for the help.

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Taskbar not showing the Windows Which are opened

by krishnans77 In reply to Dowload item #240 in the ...

Thank you, I downloaded and while running It asks "the VB script error" wht can i do for this

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taskbar not showing in Windows 98

by krishnans77 In reply to Dowload item #240 in the ...

I done this but some VB script errpr was occur. Is it for only Xp or for windows too.
IF any solution for windows98 please guide me.

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It works..

by Woudi In reply to Dowload item #240 in the ...

hello, i tried this vb script and now im able to see the opened programs in the taskbar, but i didnt understand what was the problem, thx for your cooperation.

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