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By TechWorker ·
On startup, active program icons that previously showed up in the Task Bar Notification Area are no longer showing up. Also, get message "Error adding "program name" launcher to task bar" for several programs that previously on startup placed icons in this area. If go into "Task Manager", "Processes", and "end process" for Explorer and then restart explorer in "New Task", many (but not all) of the icons will then appear. What's the problem and how is it resolved, so that on startup all the active program icons show up that are suppose to show up?

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by TechWorker In reply to Task Bar Notification Are ...

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by zaferus In reply to Task Bar Notification Are ...

Just a few questions to start:

1. What OS is this, and which SP?
2. Do you run a software firewall?
3. What antivirus do you run?
4. Do you run any utilities in monitor mode such as norton systemworks or spybot?

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by TechWorker In reply to

At the time of the problem:
Windows XP w/SP1
Zone Alarm Pro 5
Norton Anti-Virus 2004
Symantec Systemworks 2003
Symantec WinFax Pro 10.03
Completely blew away system and reinstalled limited configuration as follows:
Windows XP w/SP2
Symantec Systemworks 2004
Still have problem with system task tray icons not all appearing on reboot. This is an inconsistant problem meaning that on any reboot there may be all the icons or just a few, but different ones on different bootups. After discussions with Microsoft technical support they where of the opinion that WinFax Pro was causing the problem - no WinFax now. In fact, the problem this time started before any Symantec Product was installed.

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by zaferus In reply to

Another question - what icons do you have that are dissapearing, and which one's are not?

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by TechWorker In reply to

These icons always appear:
- Norton Anti-Virus
- Local Area Connection

One or more of these icons may or may not appear - its random:
- WinZip Quick Pick
- Inter Video WinCinema Manager
- Volume
- ATI Device Detection
- Norton Ghost
- Norton Password Manager
- HotFax
- Safely Remove Hardware

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by TechWorker In reply to
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by LANWANMAN352 In reply to Task Bar Notification Are ...

This is a common problem with XP, however, I doubt the real causes are known. Most blame two services: Universal Plug and Play Device Host and SSDP Discovery Service.

There's not allot of info to go on here so the safest answer I can give is to download and use "Taskbar Repair Tool Plus!" from:!.htm

I even saw a Microsoft article once that referred to this tool.

Another source for reliable utilities is Doug Knox at

Check out his Win XP Fixes and Win XP Utilities.

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