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By guyinphilly19116 ·
I have 40 processes running when I first turn on my PC. That's without starting AOL or I E. How can I cut this down? Which one's can I disable? How do I do it so as the next time I reboot, they don't start again? Also, I play Yahoo>Games>Pinocle, On IE 7 or Firefox. The game uses Java, which I have installled and reinstalled severval times, to be certain that i have the correct version. In either case, when I am finished and I exit the browswer, the browswer fresses. The only way that I am able to do anything more in that browser is to first do an cnt-alt-dtl. Then I have to restart the brwser. I am using windows xp home (sp20).80 gb (C), 120gb (D)512 ram comcast high speed connection. I clean my PC daily with CCcleaner and I also check it with ad-aware. Any sugg will be greatly appreaciated. Thanks for your time and effort.

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by JamesRL In reply to Task Manager help

Go to your start menu, chose run and type msconfig in the command space.

It will show you all the startup and services items. You miggt want to use the "hide MS services" in the services option to just see the third party stuff. You can try selectively turning off the items you don't need. Try using the Process Library "" to further identify whether the service or startup item is necessary.

Hope that helps.


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MSCONFIG is a start but be aware re Yahoo games

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Task Manager help

everybody I know who uses Yahoo games has BIG problems with their computers. First is that to get Yahoo to work at its best you end up loading Yahoo 'extras' like their toolbar etc. These hijack various aspects of the browser and refuse to close out. If you do not load their 'extras' you do not get the 'full yahoo' experience and some of their pages and games will have conflicts with your browser. Also certain olug in have similar problems with taking over services etc.

Since these are 'official' add on and plug ins they do NOT show as trojans etc, even when the results are very similar.

Another place to check what is opening is in

Starts -- Settings -- Taskbar and start menu -- Start nebu tab -- customise button -- Advanced bautton

then check under
Start menu -- programs -- start up

for each user ID, especially the "all Users" and the ID you log in as. Then just delete items you do not want automatically started when the machine starts. This will also save RAM usage etc, and should speed up most applications.

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