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Task Manager Shows Page File Size - but I disabled paging

By services-techrepublic ·
Here is one for you. I have been running with 4GB ram and NO page file for a few years. I just upgraded to Vista x64 Ultimate last week.

I have disabled paging appropriately for all drives. Yes, I know how to do this from the advanced/performance/virtual memory dialog.
Also, I am not using ReadyBoost.

I have also confirmed that there is no hidden pagegile.sys on any drive, just to be sure. And I have rebooted several times over the last week in normal usage.

Here is the rub ... When I bring up Task Manager, it sill shows usage for the Page File in the System groupbox. For instance, right now it shows 1093M/3452M, varying as I go.

Under the physical memory groupbox, I show 3.5GB total, 0.5GB cached and 2GB free.

Why would this be the case? Have any of you seen the same behavior? I would expect that with no page file, I would see 0M/0M in the task manager.


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having the same problem

by spydercanopus In reply to Task Manager Shows Page F ...

I have 8GB of ram and it says the same thing. I have disabled all drives for page file usage but task manager still says under the "System" table that i've got a page file.

How do we disable this completely?

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Page File Usage in Task Manager

by ccollins In reply to Task Manager Shows Page F ...

the Page File in task manager is made up of Physical memory AND virtual memory. By turning off pagefile under performance you have disabled the virtual memory part, so windows just has a physical memory page file.
Since you have no pagefile.sys, windows is showing your total page file as 3.5GB, which is how much physical memory you have. If you created a 1GB virtual memory page file, windows would show total page file of 4.5GB.

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