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    Task Scheduler


    by jschoepf ·

    My department currently support 200+ W2k servers at various locations. Many of the server have been configured to use their task scheduler to run housekeeping jobs. I would like to produce a list of the tasks scheduled on each server, the cmd file the task is currently running, the logon id it runs under, and the frequency it is scheduled.

    Without logging to each machine and accessing the task Scheduler, is their an easy way to obtain this information.


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      by johnmaxy ·

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      if you have a connection with all those pc’s you can copy their schedlog (logfile where taskmanager stores the info, (located in windows) to your pc and view the log. you can use ie taskzip (free program) to automatically copy their logs to your pc, at preset times, without interfering with their work or yours… Good luck…

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