Task Scheduler not running when logged off

By zweaver ·
This may be a simple answer that I should know but.... I have cloned clients out in the field that perform certain tasks during the night. They are Windows 2000 machines, SP4, with users set up with specific rights and privledges via local policies. The tasks run flawlessly if a user is signed into windows, but do not run if the computer is sitting at the logon screen. Any way to get the task scheduler to kick off these tasks without being logged on to Windows?


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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Task Scheduler not runnin ...

I assume the scheduled tasks in Windows 2000 are similar to Windows XP where you have the option 'Run as' to set the username and password. Make sure the password is correct by running a test interactively because if the password has changed, the job will not run.

Go to the Control Panel - Scheduled tasks and click View - Details and check the fields Last Run Time, Status and Last Result. Those entries, especially the Last Result, give you more information what happened, at least in XP.

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by zweaver In reply to Scheduler

Sorry - I should have been more specific in my original post. I have all the settings as they should be (wake the computer to run, run as with the correct password, etc.). It's set to run as for example "USER1" with the correct password. USER1 always has the same password, as it never expires and they cannot change it. If USER1 is logged into windows, the tasks (windows scripts) run without a hitch, but if the computer is sitting at the logon screen and NOT logged on, the tasks do not run. Oh yeah, USER1 is a member of the local Administrator group, but does have restrictions put on it via local policies. I just can't understand why it runs with USER1 logged on but does not run without being logged on.

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Is "Run only if logged on" checkmarked?

by In reply to settings

Try right clicking the job to see if there is a check in the "Run only if logged on" box.


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no setting

by zweaver In reply to Is "Run only if logged on ...

I don't see a "Run only if logged on" anywhere. In the properties of the task there is nothing that should keep it from running. It is enabled, the scheduled time is good, no settings for 'idle time', and the username that is set to run the task has full privledges.

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Sorry! I was thinking of XP Pro

by In reply to no setting

ooops! The scheduler I usually use is on XP and it has a "run only if logged on" box on the Task tab. I wonder what reg key it changes and if W2K would watch that key?

I did see another comment somewhere - the guy was saying that when he originally sets up the job he has to be logged in as the user that he is assigning in the "run as" field. Then he can log out and it will work no matter who is logged in. Go figure!

When you open Task Scheduler, click on the Advanced menu item and look at the log. Do you have any errors listed?

What are your tasks doing? Do they involve any mapped drives that get mapped during a user logon script?

If worst comes to worst, you may need to fallback to one of the opensource cron utils.

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by zweaver In reply to Sorry! I was thinking of ...

Your point about having to be logged in as the assigned user might be right on target. The computer is set up via an image (Ghost) with generic settings. Once the image is laid on the PC (the task was set up PRIOR to making the image, so it is already included on the PC image), I then create a set of users that will have different permissions based on policies I have on the PC.

So, the task was created originally on the image by the local ADMINISTRATOR account, then afterward I go in and set up the separate user accounts and make the appropriate changes to the settings for each user.

For instance, after installing the image I then set up a MANAGER user, sign the PC in as MANAGER and then set the task to run under the MANAGER account... but the task was originally created with the ADMINISTRATOR account. Hmm...

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Do you get a status?

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Task Scheduler not runnin ...

Does the scheduler try to run the job but fails, or is the job never started?

I had a similar experience when I scheduled a batch file to run in Windows XP, until I realised that even though the job ran logged in as a particular user, unless the user was logged on interactively, the mapped drives were not available.

Use UNC notation instead of mapped drives. For example, \\computername\sharename\folder instead of K:\folder.

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by zweaver In reply to Do you get a status?

It has to be a permissions problem or something along that lines. It shows in the log that it starts and exits cleanly (exit status 0) immediately. Not even one second goes by.

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see if you can run the job with administrator account

by fwang In reply to permissions

I use to have a scheduled job which I run it under local administrator account. It runs fine when none loged in.

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Have you tried the system account?

by lcates In reply to see if you can run the jo ...

The system account is active before anyone logs on, if you change the credentials and it works that would confirm that the user does not have enough rights before the log on. In 2000 this works after 2000 the system account is crippled.

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