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Taskbar will not load in XP

By Computer_expert_nyc ·
Hi All. I recently installed Windows Xp on a system and it worked perfectly, Until my friend said he wanted to download all the updates from Mircosoft Website. After the updates were installed I cannot get the task bar to load. Can anyone make me any suggestions on how the solve this problem.

Thank you

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Taskbar will not load in ...

what do you see in Safe mode?
could this be it (mskb 818150 from
When you upgrade your computer to Microsoft Windows XP, the Start menu and the Windows taskbar may be missing. Also, when you press CTRL+ESC, the Start menu does not appear. However, if you start Windows XP in Safe mode, the Start menu appears correctly.
This problem may occur if you have a built-in video adapter on your computer's motherboard, and then you install second video adapter on your computer.
To correct this problem, turn off the built-in video adapter.

For more information about how to turn off the built-in video adapter, see the documentation that came with your computer.

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by CptOmlly In reply to Taskbar will not load in ...

I think Sgt has it. I have seen this issue on PC's that had set up dual monitors previously. The user thought that dual monitors was turned off, but windows was still putting the start menu on the 2nd display (which was no longer connected). Check kb307873 (linked in the Sgt's article) to disable. You might also check kb318027 for further support if necessary.

Is this a laptop by chance?

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by Computer_expert_nyc In reply to Taskbar will not load in ...

Guys, Mind you the computer was working just fine until I downloaded the Windows update. So its not an issue of upgrading to Win XP since its a new motherboard and hard drive I installed. The computer worked prior to the Windows update but I cant see the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Taskbar will not load in ...

Try pressing the windows key, the taskbar may have moved down so that you cannot see it. Also check monitor settings, maybe the monitor has stretched the display so that it is not visable. If those dont work, either uninstall the update or try reinstalling the latest service pack.

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by nybored2002 In reply to Taskbar will not load in ...

I had encountered this problem on a system that was running kazaa software. Check to see what programs are loading at startup it may be that one of them is hanging in the background. This computer had kazaa hanging at startup and it was preventing the bar from loading properly, seems someone deleted the dll and could not load properly. All the other programs were loading correctly though. After uninstall the task bar reappeared and the system worked fine.

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by Terry.Pelovsky In reply to Taskbar will not load in ...

I do not have an answer, instead an addition. I have the same issues. First the applications rest just above the Taskbar. Then the next time you boot up the XP OS the Taskbar is missing and the minimized applications are just hovering above where the Taskbar used to be. Also, copy and paste is disabled and Norton Anti-virus is disabled from Live Update and/or running a scan.

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