TCP Client cannot connect to Windows Service on Specified Port

By ryanmoseley ·

I am experiencing an interesting problem and I don't know if it is simply my code or a property setting. I have a .Net windows service that listens to a specified port for incomming connections from a TCP client.

My application works fine as a .Net windows forms application. However, I have recently tried to package my app as a windows service and I cannot establish a connection with the Client. I have confirmed that my service is listening through nestat commands but I cannot make a connection with the client app.

Any thoughts or insights would be grately appreciated. Is it a security issue? (Last point: I am develpoing on windows Vista).

Ryan Moseley

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by bart777 In reply to TCP Client cannot connect ...

Check the client and make sure the local firewall service is either configured to allow traffic on that port or have it disabled entirely.

Hope this helps.

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by ryanmoseley In reply to Firewall?


I eventually figured that to be the problem. I disabled it entirely for testing and I will probably just configure it to open one port. Thanks for getting back to me though. I appreciate the help.


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