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By Sirnitt ·
I have an situation here. I'm trying to connect to a cable modem using the usb connector, My laptop is using Win98se. My laptop cannot connect but my pc can. I notice that the IP address never changes. I'm not sure where it is coming from, I looked in the configuration of the network properties and do not have any address stored. Anybody have any ideas?

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by KhongPhuTu In reply to TCP/IP


1. From a DOS or CMD window run "ipconfig /all". This would tell you all the information about your IP configuration.

2. Since you're trying to connect to a cable modem, chances are your ISP tells you to set your NIC (network interface card) to use DHCP to obtain an IP from your ISP. Your ISP may also asks you to set your PC/notebook to obtain DNS server address automatically. You should check you TCPI/IP settings to make sure you've done so. You should be able to login once theIP setting on your notebook is changed. On windows 98 you may have to reboot.

3. As for constantly seeing the same address, either you've set your TCP/IP setting for your NIC to that IP (static IP), in this case the IP is yours. Otherwise, youmay have an entry in the \windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file.
For windows 98, I think it's in system instead of system32 subdirectory. In any case, you should check ...\etc\hosts file and remove this entry unless there is good reason for having it.

Good luck.


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IP address

by sikki In reply to TCP/IP

Your getting the default IP address that windows sticks in there when you install TCP/IP. Try shutting off the cable modem, hook up your laptop, then turn the modem back on. It should pick up the new USB network card and give it an address. The modem is probably looking for the network card in your PC and not giving you an address cause it's not finding it.

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