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TCP/IP Default Gateway Fix?

By zslavin ·
In win98SE ControlPanel | Network | Configuration | TCP/IP -> (PCMIA CARD) | Properties, I specify the static settings for the Gateway as (& for the IP Adress, network DNS Configuration, WINS - Disable). I restart and when I Start | Run| Winipcfg the gateway comes up wrong as

This setup worked fine until I installed an HP Network Print Server Software and now I can't get rid of the wrong gateway setting.

Where I can manually edit the gateway settings? the registry under what key and/or in an *ini file?

If I am toally off on my idea for a fix, please explain. Thanks in advance.

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by gmscne In reply to TCP/IP Default Gateway Fi ...

I'm surprised this would work with those numbers. The 192.168. octets are used with internal data collection SNMP traps in particular with Compaq servers. Where did your router/gateway get these numbers?
If you found a gateway at 101, then maybe a DHCP pool assigned it.

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TCP/IP Default Gateway Fix...

by adduu In reply to TCP/IP Default Gateway Fi ...

go through the same process and delete the default gateway settings.....b/c you don't need to enter these, whenever you are connected to ISP you are automatically given thses settigs by the server.

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Similar Problem, W98SE

by bprats In reply to TCP/IP Default Gateway Fi ...

A similar problem exists on 5 desktop PCs in my win 2000 net and netopia r2020 router using DHCP on the netopia. The desktops display a blank gateway ip address (winipcfg and ipconfig) while a laptop with a 3com pcmcia nic displays and works correctly. All show the win2000 server as the dhcp server. Network login is fine on all.

Any IP tools or ideas or could it be the NICs and drivers ?? I located and removed IP from the reg of one PC, then reloaded the NIC, same problem.

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Similar Problem, W98SE and W95revA

by rmarking In reply to Similar Problem, W98SE

Recently shifted from NT server to 2000 server. Use a LinkSys router (, DHCP disabled) to connect to a cable modem.
NT server /2000 server configured with DHCP.
No problem connecting 95a/98SE/2000prof clients to ISP via NT setting theirgateway IP to the 192...address; 95a/98SE clients can NOT connect to ISP but 2000prof CAN.
Have read most of MS's Knowledge Base but directions (e.g., Q300851) do not work. No problem pinging either Server (Host). winipcfg reports gateway IP on 2000 server clients as blank; registry says it's 192... as set by me. With NT, gateway in clients stay set. Why does 2000 server erase them???
How do I set the gateway (and DNS IPs) in clients so they stay set??

Spent 4 weeks on this so far, any help will be appreciated.

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