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    TCP/IP doesn’t work HELP


    by otmar ·

    I have installed win2000 professional on my computer and peer-to-peer network with HUB. But ping and ping to my local TCP/IP adress doesn’t work while ping to the other computers on net works and I cannot access the network. Can somebody help me?
    Thanks a lot


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      TCP/IP doesn’t work HELP

      by thadd.jenkins ·

      In reply to TCP/IP doesn’t work HELP

      First off I am assuming that the you are trying to ping is the loopback address? If so that address is not correct. It is It sounds like you don’t have the TCP/IP setup on your system correctly. Double check your IP settingsand make sure you don’t have it set up to obtain address from DHCP server. If all settings are correct try replacing your NIC. Hope this helps.

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      TCP/IP doesn’t work HELP

      by faisalmasood ·

      In reply to TCP/IP doesn’t work HELP

      Make sure TCPIP protocol is installed. The loopback address is not

      To check your Ip settings use ipconfig /all at dos prompt. Make sure the subnet mask is same.

      If you are using peer network you can use obtain an IP address automatically / DHCP option in TCPIp properties. The Pc will be assigned the ip address although there is no DHCP server. W2k, W98 this feature.

      Also make sure that you set accounts on w2k pro machnes for users who access it.

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      TCP/IP doesn’t work HELP

      by junething ·

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      Other two answers are correct… If your TCP/IP isn’t set up correctly, then uninstall it. Reinstall TCP/IP from the “Windows Compoents” and add TCP/IP, if your first attempt to install TCP/IP, this will get ride of it.

      Also, when u have finished reinstalling TCP/IP, you can ping the loop back IP address of (this will tell you if TCP/IP) is installed correctly.

      Next, If you are not using DHCP server (which assigns IP address for the client computer), then u have to manually set up the network id, and subnet mask, default gateway, and a DNS server ip address. It seeems to me that if you are doing it this way, u might have assign the IP address to 2 computers… If there are 2 computers with same IP address, then 2nd computer will sign itself with IPEPA IP address, (something like, not too sure about the actual numbers). So just change the 2nd computer with another IP address that falls with in the network.

      If you are using DHCP or NAT, then go to TCP/IP properties and make sure the u set the configuration to “obtain automatically” for both IP, Defatult Gateway, and DNS.

      This doensn’t add too much to other two answers, but i know i was there and to have it explained in more simple terms help…

      Good luck.

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      TCP/IP doesn’t work HELP

      by otmar ·

      In reply to TCP/IP doesn’t work HELP

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