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TCP/IP games over shared connection

By stonebs ·
I have a desktop computer with a connection to a cable internet provider. This is connected to a router which in turn goes to my laptop. Thus, my laptop is able to share the internet.

My problem is that while internet sharing seems to work flawlessly, neither computer recognizes the other when I try to network them. Worse, they won't even connect to play games over the LAN or even on the internet. In game servers it is as if the other computer does not exist.

I used to be able to get the two computers to at least play together on the LAN in games such as the Doom95 port of Doom. But after several software wipes and reinstalls, they no longer even do that. Everytime a Windows firewalls message comes up pertaining to game connections, I unblock. I don't know what is wrong. They share internet, but otherwise it is like there is no connection, or worse, that they block each other out. What can I do?

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by mrjay67 In reply to TCP/IP games over shared ...

Obvious answer: Turn off firewall.
Since you are behind a router that is sharing your connection you are protecting yourself with that. The exception is if you put one of the machines in a DMZ that becomes directly connected.

If you insist on using your firewall you will have to find out the range of ports your game is using and open them in the firewall. Although this can usually be done it typically is more hassle than its worth when you are already behind you router that hides you.

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by lwebb In reply to TCP/IP games over shared ...

I dunno bout that man. I got 3 PC's hooked up to my router, all of them have the XP firewall and I can play games just fine...If that's a problem, then it's only with older Win9x games.

1. Turn off DHCP on the router and give the PC's all a static address. OR just give the "Game Server" PC a static address in the 120's range that won't conflict with the DHCP scope. This alone should allow you to play TCP/IP games.

2. They won't "See" each other unless they're in the same workgroup...My Computer>'s in there. Try changing them both to Wurkgruppe.

What's connected to what?
The Modem's connected to the Router
The Router's connected to the PC's...right?

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I've seen this setup before (and it caused problems): The modem was connected to the PC, the PC was connected to the Router which was connected to the other PC's, requiring the first PC to use the gawddawful "Internet Connection Sharing". Seriously, I've seen this misconfiguration more than once.

That may be your problem right there.

I hope that helps.

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