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TCP/IP Gets Internet-not LAN

By kroof ·
Have a problem where Windows XP Pro does not "see" another System with XP Home or Win ME, yet IE will browse the Internet just fine. In fact, all my other systems will browse and see each other also, but the Heome Edition won't access anyone else on the network. I've also got a customer with a similar problem: XP pro and ME will both allow IE to browse, but they don't see each other on the network. Have removed and reinstalled ME's TCP/IP protocol and related drivers, with no success! I'm going crazy!

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You're problem is with

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to TCP/IP Gets Internet-not ...

XP so instead of worring about ME/98 or whatever just drop in the Install cd into a CD Drive and then click on "Peform Additional Tasks" then "Set up a Home or small office network and that will install the required parts that will make you're life easier and you will also be prompted to make a floppy disk at the end so you can use this on the other OS's or if this isn't convenient then all you need do is use the XP install disk and do the same as listed above.

At least that's the way it works with the Pro version as I've never touched a "Home" version because it just isn't secure enough.

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by madroxxx In reply to TCP/IP Gets Internet-not ...

The primary difference with xp home and pro is that home can't join a domain you should be able to "see" the other computrers though. That said I would think your issue to be related to either DNS or Wins. Are you using an external DNS server or an internal one?

Try to ping a computer by name, if you can't then try doing an nslookup by name. If you still can't you need to point to an internal DNS server.

The best solution of course would be to upgrade the machine to PRO and join it to the domain.

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Microsoft Solution

by kroof In reply to TCP/IP Gets Internet-not ...

I was at the Chicago SP2 seminar over a month ago and confronted a Microsoft Rep about this problem. He, and others techs, said it was a master browser issue. Each machine is getting its PC list from a different machine when it goes to the network for a list of machines on the network. They described the scenario and it fit perfectly. Now it's just a matter of taking the time to go to each machine and restrict its use as a master browser, except for one.

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