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    TCP/IP message


    by lucy.thompson ·

    The following message started displaying after McAfee ASAP was installed on this workstation “Can’t listen to port 6515, make sure the TCP/IP transport is set up correctly and that no other applications are already listening on that port.” I uninstalled and reinstalled TCP/IP but the message was still the same.

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      TCP/IP message

      by xpertdragon ·

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      I have had this problem myself before in the past. Only after starting from scratch with a fresh WIn NT Install did I realize that the culprit for this TCP/IP error was Norton Utilities, and Automatic updates scheduled to come through on port 6515.However, you may have any number of applications that is dedicated to port 6515 for finding and downloading program update, definitions, cab files, etc. Take it through a several step process….was Mcafee ASAP getting its updates at one point in time? Did you start getting these messages after installing something? What OS is having problems with this TCP/IP Message? There are some port sniffing programs available that will tell you exactly which Service is occupying port 6515 on that local machine. Good Luck!

      Paul M. Chavez

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