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TCP/IP problem

By graham.sinclair ·
I am running MS Exchange 5.5 and cannot telnet to port 25, the message "Could not open a connection to host on port 25" was displayed. The Server is not retrieving mail due to this. I have tried to telnet to ports 110 and 119 sucessfully.
How canI assign this port back to the Internet Mail Service on Exchange?

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Found solution

by graham.sinclair In reply to TCP/IP problem

Thank you for any further comments but I have found a solution.
The Services file held at winnt\system32\drivers\etc had been changed by some application.
It had basically commented out the line assigning the smtp service to tcp port 25.
Once thecomment was removed the mail was retrieved as normal.

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best of luck

by vyeth In reply to TCP/IP problem

Dear Graham,
The probable causes look like
1. The smtp service is not started.
2. The Smtp protocol may be configured for another port.You mat change the sameBrowse to systemroot\winnt\system32\drivers\etc directory
open the services file with notepad and check for the smtp port in use.
3. Smtp virtual server is not started properly.
4. In the smtp virtual server properties another port is configured as the default smtp port.
5. Please check if secure smtp is not installed
6. Also checkin the virtual smtp server properties if you have restricted a range of IP addresses to send mail using your current mail server

Hope this works

Lots of luck


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by vyeth In reply to TCP/IP problem


I just read your mail again.It is in deep contrast that SMTP port is used to retrive mails rather than send mails.
Mail is usually retrived using POP3and send using SMTP

All the luck


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that depends on your perception

by qomputek In reply to careful

If you're the SMTP server then you would recieve mail from your SMTP port and you would deliver through your POP port.

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Exchange & POP3

by chris hirst In reply to careful

This is if you are using OL clients and Internet Mail, Exchange uses SMTP both ways

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