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    TCP/IP removal


    by dnme ·

    I am trying to remove TCPIP from a hp vectra PC running WinNT 4 with a 3com905 fast ethernet Card.

    when i go to remove TCPIP i get the error ‘Unable to remove Name Space Provider’.
    if i go to look up the properties of TCPIP i get the following error ‘external library procedure SetupChangeServiceStart reported the following error: Bad or Invalid parameters passed to open service call’

    Anyone out there got a solution to this?

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      by joseph moore ·

      In reply to TCP/IP removal

      I found a discussion thread on this problem from 1997, and Technet article 151237 was said to be the solution. So, here is a link to it:

      If it does not work, I would do this. Install NT SP6a, then try and remove the IP stack.

      hope this helps

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      by dnme ·

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