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tcp/ip transport network not installed

By tom.reynolds ·
Can any one tell me how to get my internet working??? Every time i turn my PC on it states that my tcp/ip netwrok is not installed. This happened when i downloaded an anti spyware program and haven't been able to get my internet back since.

I have no connection to the internet from my computer, it says it is connected on the Tiscali adsl server but 'the page cannot be displayed' shows on the screen. I don't have my XP cd or my Dell cd, i was wondering if there is a way to install a tcp/ip network without these? I have been trying all sorts in the control panel, but i reckon there may be more ways??there must be!?! the person at 'PC world told' me to 'remaster' my computer - but i think that is the very last resort.

Is there any ideas?????

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by Blackcurrant In reply to tcp/ip transport network ...


Presumably you installed and then ran the AntiSpyware prog and it remove spyware? Have you tried contacting the support dept. of the Antispyware company for help? What is the name of the software you downloaded?

Also: Have you tried uninstalling the Anti-Spyware program or reversing the actions it took when (if?) it removed any spyware?

You may want to try this program:

spyware inserts itself in the Winsock chain - a 'chain' of programs/services that allow you connect to the Internet. Improper removal of spyware results in the chain being broken. The LSPFfix (Layered Socket Provider - the chain), program repairs the chain.

Good luck

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