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TCP port 11160 and Sonicwall traffic

By pgm554 ·
I have a customer that has been experiencing network slowdowns (internet) at one certain time of the day.

Their ISP says it's not them and that they should look at the network.

They have a Sonicwall firewall that when I look at reports for greatest bandwidth usage,it is TCP port 11160.

I looked up that port name through iana and that port has not been assigned to anybody.

Anybody know what this port does ? Am I looking at a back door?

I didn't set this network up and am still patching.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to TCP port 11160 and Sonicw ...

Hmmm. Do they run a VPN solution like ISA from Microsoft behind the Sonicwall? I did find references to this port being used by ISA for the VPN tunnel in some way. Couldn't find any info on Microsoft's site, though.
Anyway, so maybe it is VPN traffic?

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by pgm554 In reply to TCP port 11160 and Sonicw ...

They had an episode of loosing internet connectivity again (seems to be just about everyday between 4:30 and 5:00) while I was on site .

I checked the firewall log and they were having packet drops on the next hop after the router.

I called the ISP (XO) and made a point to 'splain
that it looks like it's their network, not the customers.

Sure enough,they fessed up that it did seem to be their problem.

They pretty much lied to my customer(and tried to shift the blame). I had to club them with a status report from the firewall to get a straight answer .

And to top it all off,the customer is paying for SDSL (1.5M up/down) and getting only 256K up .

Man ,are those folks a bunch of lying weasels.

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by pgm554 In reply to TCP port 11160 and Sonicw ...

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