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    TCP port 423


    by wmr029 ·

    TCP port 423 came up as open on one of my w2k servers. The well know name for this port is OPC-Job-Start. I have done a lot of searching and can’t fin out what may have opened the port. This includes the web sites for the software running on the server as well as searchengine searchs of the web.

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      by joseph moore ·

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      Yeah, I see in my NMAP port list that port as being listed as the IBM Operations Planning and Control Start.
      That is real helpful, eh?

      Ok. Try running FPORT.EXE from Foundstone. This command line program will tell you what program/application has each port open. Very useful diagnostic tool for telling what has ports open on Windows machines.

      Go there to get the tool, then run it from the command line. That will tell you what EXE has the port open, and you can take actions from there.

      hope this helps

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      by wmr029 ·

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