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TCP stack tweaking: How I doubled the throughput of my laptop on the LAN :)

By robo_dev ·
I have a Dell laptop running Windows XP. It has a 802.11G WLAN card that was only getting around 4MBS download speed.

I have a 12 MBS AT&T uVerse VDSL circuit that is rock solid, and my wired PCs are able to get around 11.5 MBS download all day, every day. I test using

I went to and ran their 'tweak test'. It recommended increasing my RWIN (TCP Receive Window) from the default (around 32K) to over 100,000.

I made that one change and whammo, the laptop is giving me over 9.5MBS download speed.

Note: This only works well if you have a very error-free broadband connection. By increasing the RWIN, you are making the PC receive more data before it sends an acknowledgment that it got the data.

IF there are no errors, the download is MUCH faster, as the ACK process slows you down.

BUT, if there ARE errors, a larger RWIN will HURT, since now there will be more data for the sender to retransmit.

You can fiddle with your RWIN size one of two ways.

Hack into the registry:

Use a Utility like DR TCP:

Link to DSLREPORTS tweak tester:

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