TCPIP Stops, cant suft but can ping

By mcavin ·
Ok we have been having microsoft consulting us on this and they thus far are zero help. We have a 4000+ user network/domain. We are having fully patched machines randomly dropping off tcpip. The machines can ping out, but you cannot surf intraweb, email, nothing. We ran netmon and seen that tcp service literally stops, ipx keeps running perfect. The tcp service when you force it sends corrupt so it never goes anywhere. Please help me, im pulling my hair out.

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When you say stops

by LarryD4 In reply to TCPIP Stops, cant suft bu ...

The TCP service is actually stopping? As in not passing data through the layer??

You also mentioned IPX, are you also running IPX/SPX, dare I assume or did you mean ip..

One more question, do you have the IPv6 protocol installed on the PC's?

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