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Teach your kids how to take pictures

By jdclyde ·
Taking a good picture seems to be a lost art these days. Everyone has gotten into the craze of taking their own picture with their hand outstretched, either of themselves or of them and a friend. At least many know to point the camera down at yourself so your not taking pictures up your nose!

Do the world a favor, take the time to teach your kids how to take a good photo. Learn about things like the "Thirds" rule.

If you have girls, you have the added burden to tell them that no, puckering your lips into the pout or smooch is not attractive, and it just MIGHT be a good idea to keep your shirt on for a few more years. Once it is out there, it never goes away. show them some of the "amature porn" sites to let them see what happens to pics that ex's have. (no, I never posted the nudies of my ex-wife, yet)

We have seen some really nice pictures posted here, Neil and Dawg both are very good at it. It would be a shame to not pass that on to the next generation.

Take pictures and show your kids how.

Oh yeah, burn them to a CD please BEFORE your hard drive dies.

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by jck In reply to Teach your kids how to ta ...

$250 right now for the pics of the ex lol

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by jdclyde In reply to dude...

don't place such temptation on me... ;\

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you drive a hard bargain...

by jck In reply to dude...

$300 and a half gallon of Chivas Regal? lol

btw...added caveat...

they have to be pre-thing1/thing2 birth lol (i want my money's worth, darn it!! ]:) )

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by jdclyde In reply to you drive a hard bargain. ...

the "bikini cut" is the only momento she got from the birth experience. Month and a half early, so they never got big, and then had to do the big "C".

She dropped every pound on the table and was back to wearing half shirts two days later.

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you know...

by jck In reply to Actually

you should just email them to me at home...and i'll keep em nice and safe for ya on DVD lol ]:)

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as your screen saver?

by jdclyde In reply to you know...

"John, why is there a paper towel and lotion dispenser mounted on the side of your computer?"


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you got half of it right

by jck In reply to as your screen saver?

i have lotion...but, i'm a leftist wingnut treehugger, remember? I use terrycloth towels and wash them. I'm an eco-friendly perv. ]:)

as for mounted on the side of the computer? nah...that's old school. i have dispensers built in the wall lol

btw...i do have some pics i could show ya, jdclyde. but, i promised those girls i wouldn't share em lol (none of them pissed me off...sorry)

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Disposable vs water to clean

by jdclyde In reply to as your screen saver?

The damage done to the environment by using the water and detergent to clean up the flying DNA, is that more of an impact than making a paper towel that will break down soon enough?

Clean water is in short supply, AND it requires energy to clean it up!


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oh you underestimate me

by jck In reply to as your screen saver?

i use eco friendly soap and shampoo and detergent...just like i recycle everything i can, including saving my plastic sacks from stores to re-use over and over, as well as re-filling bottles that i drink from, and i even get an eco-friendly underarm deodorant that doesn't contain the aluminum compounds.

Ever figure out the number of tress you kill a year? lol

Oh btw...clean water <> required energy usage...water has been cleaning itself on this planet just fine for about 2 billion years...it's called evaporation and condensation...

it's the soil it leaves all that crap in ya gotta worry about...or your tomatoes might come out blue or something

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Thats an Over Bid :^0

by The Scummy One In reply to dude...

from what I have heard, she isnt worth that much Live and In Person....

Oops, Sorry JD!

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