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By Jason Dahl ·
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by Jason Dahl In reply to Teaching Information Tech ...

<p>My focus is on system administration in a business environment and I try to include a balanced view of specific technologies with general ideas while throwing in a fair portion of problem-solving skills development and customer service skills, etc.  Obviously I cannot hit every technology/piece of software that someone is interested in but I try to provide a foundational set of skills that would allow a student to take control of their own learning and essentially be able to hit the ground running in most any IT related job they want.</p>
<p>The problem comes in with the students attitude of "FEED ME".  They often are not willing to invest anything of themselves in their work and instead want the instructor to provide precise and detailed instructions for absolutely everything.  By golly do not expect them to try something they haven't see before!  I am certain that most technology professionals are aware that no matter how good the instructions there is almost invariably something just a little bit different, slightly off, or something assumed by the instructions writer.</p>
<p>I try to provide assignments that allow and encourage the student to exercise their creativity and take ownership of their work.  The idea being that if they take ownership they will get more out of the assignment instead of simply "getting it done" to turn in for the points.  Why would they be in school if they didn't actually want to <strong>learn</strong> something?!</p>
<p>I don't know.  Perhaps I'm just being overly sensitive.  Don't get me wrong, I do have some students that perform to expectations.  And I have a number of students that I really enjoy teaching but there are a number that simply seem to suck the life out of the class and my entire day.</p>

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