Teamed NIC - How to view both Mac-addr on cisco switch

By Ciscoblues ·
We have servers that are teamed (Pri/Sec), each card connects to a seperate cico sswitch.

On one of the switch, I can view the mac address of the primary nic, but cannot see the other nic's mac address which is connected to another switch.

Tried al the usual network monitors (they also see the pri nic)

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Teamed NICs

by NetMan1958 In reply to Teamed NIC - How to view ...

It sounds like you have it configured so that one NIC is active and one is a standby/backup. As long as the primary/active NIC is working, no traffic will be generated or received by the secondary/backup NIC and therefore it's MAC address won't be in the MAC table.

You might look into configuring SLB(server load balancing) if your switch supports it or if your NICs support etherchannel that is an option.

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Teamed NICs

by Ciscoblues In reply to Teamed NICs

Your right Netman man :)
I was hoping there would be another way to identify the 2nd standby nic. But was cluching at straws.
thanks for your input.

Gloomy Ciscoblues

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