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Looking for pointers,

Looking to replace my tablet, but more I look, the worse I see.

I'm a practical user, tablets not for browsing and watch and listening to things.

I've had a few over the last few years, forced on by o/s obsolescence
l loved my nexus 7 with it's pogo pins for charging, leaving the USB port free to use. Killed of by Google upgrade made it unstable.
Then came my Archos G9 101 Turbo, wow, a fully usable Full size USB, made a great DAB radio. Shame never made to Kit-Kat, (Minimum these days) left behind by updates nolonger supported the O/S.
Then now i have an Acer Iconia HD, with 2 flimsy micro usb ports and No compass sensor. My Skysafari no longer point and see. at least DSLR controller still works.

Where do i go now, newer the tablet less functional it has become.

looking for compass, decent USB conection,(Micro usb to flimsy when a doungle is attached), with alternative charging method (Not Usb, connection wears out or breaks)

Apple are out, they are just browse, watch and listening machines.

Any ideas?

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