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Tech Help via e-mail

By Danicee45 ·
Does TechRepublic offer a service (for a fee) that will answer tech questions via e-mail on a personal basis ... without going through a forum? If I, for instance had a software question I needed assistance with before my work day ended, is there a service that could help me solve my question via e-mail?
The "Newbies Club" had a 'Clinic' with response time of four hours or less, however, seems they've run out of 'techs.' Do you guys offer anything like their 'Clinic?'

Thanks ...

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Tech Help via e-mail

by Ann777 In reply to Tech Help via e-mail

To my knowledge TechRepublic offers no such service.

There would need to be a list of "masters" and the subjects they are "masters of" and the hours of availability.

Here, almost all questions are answered at least once pretty quickly. Almost all administrators have various tasks and duties and cannot know everything about everything. How fast a response is generated will depend on your time-zone and whether other people are logged in at the same time and whether the problem is clearly defined, etc.

Most always a specific question can be best answered by the manufacturer of the hardware or software with the problem. I know that response is not quick, mainly because manufactures are in the task of manufacturing, and technical support is not a $'s generating department.

TechRepublic makes money compiling and selling technical documentation. This is forum for dicusussion and q&a etc., a form of knowledge; e-mailing back and forth on an individual basis only helps one person.

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Tech Help via e-mail

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Tech Help via e-mail

I have marked this answer as 'acceptable,' twice, as well as submitting it 'closed.' Thank you for your answer.

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Tech Help via e-mail

by TheChas In reply to Tech Help via e-mail

While TR does not offer a paid 1 on 1 service, there are a number of such services on the Web.

I found this one with a simple google search

As with any for fee service, check them out before signing up.


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Tech Help via e-mail

by nsohenick In reply to Tech Help via e-mail

There's another site called There are different types of advisors. You can look up the technology section and find topic and the person you want to call.

It is on a per minute basis and you can check out other user ratings and credentials before you call. It gives you the listing based on the persons availability so if they are unavailable you won't see them listed, unless you reach the end of the list.

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Tech Help via e-mail

by Danicee45 In reply to Tech Help via e-mail

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