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    tech or computer/analyst/programmer????


    by laddie ·

    due to physical limitations, I an going back to school. which one would you select. I have worked with computers since 1965 in some way or other. I have put them together (about 100 new), installed new programs(about 80 new plus my own), used then in work (about 20 years).I have never had a course in computer in any way, just what I learned on my own. I am pushing for the computer/analyst because…..???

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      Reply To: tech or computer/analyst/programmer????

      by al macintyre ·

      In reply to tech or computer/analyst/programmer????

      The fact that you have manufactured 100 computers, when I have not made a single one, makes you an expert in that in my eyes.

      The fact that I have written thousands of computer programs, and enhanced hundreds of thousands of computer programs in my computer career starting about the same time that yours did, tells me that you do not have much experience in computer programming.

      However, the SIZE of the program is a large factor. Where I work we have some computer programs that have in the neighborhood of 1 million lines of soft source code that I have had to refuse to work on without better programmer tools. Soft code involves lines of code that are not fixed field names but stuff that is substituted in there at excecution time, such as words in the foreign language of the end user.

      I am currently working on modifying a program that has approx 20,000 lines of source code. Obviously the size of the program that we write, work on, and the volume of the features offered to the end user makes a big difference to the point of destroying much value of statistics of numbers of programs worked on.

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        re:The fact that you have manufactured

        by laddie ·

        In reply to Reply To: tech or computer/analyst/programmer????

        that is what i was wondering about. because of a physical problem, how much lefting or wire pulling do you do, is most or all your work mental? i have used words to make programs do as i wanted but never worked with code.

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