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Tech Q&A... We want it back!

By wordmaster1 ·
Anyone listening????? Your site has been helpful in several ways, but the Tech Q&A and the points system was what made it worthwhile and different from other sites.

I guess I will check on it occaisionally to see if the Tech Q&A has been returned, but until that happens, this site might as well be any other forum site.

The Tech Q&A was helpful, stimulating, and gave recognition to those who helped. The current incarnation is just blahhhhhhh....


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Me too!!!

by shelli_2005 In reply to Tech Q&A... We want it ba ...

The Q&A may not have always answered my question exactly but it gave me a starting place or jogged my memory enough so I could find a solution for every "weird" problem I researched here.I miss it!

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My sentiments EXACTLY

by fungus-among-us In reply to Tech Q&A... We want it ba ...

"I guess I will check on it occaisionally to see if the Tech Q&A has been returned, "

I'm planning on doing the same... until then.

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Questions, recognition are still here

by sMoRTy71 In reply to My sentiments EXACTLY

Questions haven't gone anywhere. They are just intermingled with the list of discussions.

We are working on splitting the lists out so that you can see only discussions or only questions. That should help visibility a lot.

As for recognition, we're not bringing the points back. Sure, they are a great way for people who answer questions to get recognition; however, they really didn't show an accurate picture of anything since the points varied from questions to question.

For example, I could answer 100 questions and get 1 point per answer and some else could answer 1 question and get 5,000 points.

In the new site, people who ask questions can mark an answer helpful (there is a link at the top right of each answer they receive). Helpful answers get a thumbs up icon next to them in the thread tree. We *are* counting the number of helpful answers and will eventually be displaying that on member profiles.

To us, that seems like a much more even playing field for those answering. Plus, people who need help right away don't have to hassle with points.

Hopefully, you'll stick around and give the new system a chance.

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Tech Q&A vs. forums

by wordmaster1 In reply to Questions, recognition ar ...

Discussion forums are all over the web and usenet. The one thing Techrepublic had that was different was the Tech Q&A.

Despite its problems, when I had a question that I could not answer and could find no answer for by googling, etc., there was almost always someone on the Tech Q&A that could help.

That is what made being a member of this site worthwhile, different and better than other sites and groups.


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by w2ktechman In reply to Tech Q&A... We want it ba ...

My Opinion -- The tech Q&A should be seperate from the discussions. But, in the past many things have been interchangeable.
I have seen more and more often that people have been using the discussions for questions, and have received far greater troubleshooting tips in some cases, and often many more responses in general. But also often appeared a message to use the Q&A as well. And some have even used both to try to get the urgent answers.
The points system was kind of cool, but they really didnt mean anything either. Some people had a lot of points and when they answered questions it was a joke, while others were very good. However, even with that in mind, I think that the points was a recognition point that should not have gone away.

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Tech Q&A

by CG IT In reply to Honestly

When I first came to Techrepublic's Q&A there were many highly knowledgable people providing suggestions and answers. often the Q&A section ended up with a LOT of discussion on topics rather than suggestions or answers, especially when XP was rolled out and XP SP2. So creating a discussion section was a good idea.

BUT, the discussion section had more threads by members on everything but tech stuff [well the techrepublic crew would post tech related threads ] but the majority of members discussions seemed to me to be on anything but computer industry stuff.

Q&A seemed to dwindle down to posters making up senarios, making up questions based on what advertisers put up on the site, taking problem solutions from MS Help and Support or Technet and posting it as a question. There are others who post questions that are so fundamental that virtually anyone ought to know. There's one right now about whether they should get AV on a server that doesn't have an Internet connection. Of course they should have AV. Many threats come from inside but its questions like that from someone who has been a techrepublic member for 5 years or so ought to know. It's been discussed often enough.

to add insult to injury posters who posed the question often would reject any and all suggestions that didn't follow the KB solution or whatever solution they were looking for if they were actually looking for a solution. Got almost seemed to be a game.

I'm one of those posters who answered questions with a joke when I recognized the question from MS KB articles, certification test questions, Technet or questions of "lets see how much an answerer knows". Quilty as charged. However having someone purposely post questions from known KB answers or certification questions seems to me to defeat the purpose of Tech Q&A which is someone with a legitimate question can seek real world working solutions from those of us who have hands on experience.

All forums are fraught with posers and people with to much time on their hands and get glee from jerking peoples chains, but Tech Q&A degenerated into nothing more that what ifs rather than they got a actual problem.

Sorry to see the Tech Q&A from back in 2002 go down the tubes, but not sorry it's gone with the way it is now in 2007.

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not putting down discussions

by w2ktechman In reply to Tech Q&A

I used to only do the tech Q&A trying to help out. I liked it just fine the way it was, with the worthless points and all. Sorry if I came off wrong, I never did get to my coffee today, and just now got to Dilbert -- lol
Basically I was just stating that they have been interchangeable for some time, and lumping them together was not all bad. However, as a preference I would like to go back to the Q&A being seperate -- with useless points -- even if it means zeroing the counter.
I know what you mean by posers and stupid questions. I even got annoyed when the same question was posted as new by a different user, with an identical one still in the current listings. I always thought "Geez, people get a (bad word) Clue.
I have also found that many questions were easily solved by a google or simple MS search. When this was most common I started jumping over to discussions and reading threads instead. This is probably about whan many others started leaving the Q&A alone more often as well. However, I did like that they were seperate, and how they were setup.

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I can see seperate questions from discussions

by CG IT In reply to not putting down discussi ...

I agree on the seperation. In my mind, discussions are just that, discussing "something" be it global warming, political parties, or Grandma Whosits chocolate chip cookies. What I saw happen on Tech Q&A and Discussions forums was that the posers would often move over to discussions and try their hand at "discussing" senarios rather than posting questions because that's where everyone who was posting in Tech Q&A went to get away from the posers.

Bringing back Tech Q&A isn't going to solve the problems it had with posers. If they left off the ability to accept or reject an answer or even thumbs up thumbs down, then the Q&A might have meaning because the posers wouldn't have a mechanism to jerk peoples chains and get whatever they get out of doing it. Least in discussions they can argue and jerk someones chain.

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Missed it by that much

by Konza In reply to Tech Q&A... We want it ba ...

I came here today to finally close a tech question I posted six months ago. No one ever was able to answer it.

I wanted to thank DKlippert for being the only one to ATTEMPT to answer it and to tell him I that while I rejected his answer, I wanted to post another question in which I WOULD accept his answer and thus award him consolation points for coming close to what I needed and taking the time to share his knowledge. Now I see that not only is the reward system gone, but I am out the 4000 points I offered but never awarded for the question. And that just plain sucks.

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Hear! Hear!

I thought I was the only one. I thought it was me. I couldn't see the link, but now I find like minded individuals in search of mental freedom who have the same views.

We want Tech Q&A! When do we want it? NOW!We want Tech Q&A! When do we want it? NOW!We want Tech Q&A! When do we want it? NOW!We want Tech Q&A! When do we want it? NOW!

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