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tech support blooper

By longennamer ·
This is what happened to me while talking to a support rep with Dell today. It shows how tech savvy the support reps are anymore.

First, the support rep asked me for my e-mail address. I proceed to give her my e-mail address, and she asks, "Is that all lower case?" It was all I could do to keep from laughing at her.

I had little faith in her computer abilities far before we even started trying to figure out the computer problem.

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by jmgarvin In reply to tech support blooper

I don't get it...

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You can

by Lost_one In reply to tech support blooper

Have an email address with caps in it. So were is the joke?

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Caps or no caps treated the same

by gralfus In reply to You can

Most, if not all email systems are not case sensitive, thus the humor...

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that's funny..

by Jaqui In reply to Caps or no caps treated t ...

most *x systems are case sensitive in everything including email
and the majority of mail servers are still *x based.

so most mail systems are case sensitive.
as a matter of fact, if the mail account is also a user account on an *x system, it has to be lower case for most.

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by gralfus In reply to that's funny..

I guess all the various systems I've used over the past 14 years must have either been set up to ignore it or were not *ix based. Go figure.

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Case Sensitive e-mail???

by gregg@NetworkEngineeringS In reply to Hmmm

In all my years in Help Desk support I have yet to experience an e-mail system where the address was case sensitive. Although, when interviewing prospective Help Desk personnel I have found many of them to be case-sensitive; Doh.....

My favorite case was when a user called asking to have their retractable cup holder repaired because it wouldn't extend when the button was pushed. For several years our Help Desk would get 2 to 3 of these calls a year. Finially, we found the reason. It seems that whenever one of our installation techs would encounter a new user that was really "PC challenged" he would tell them about the retractable coffie cup holder in their PC. Doh....

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I thought that was an urban legend

by jmgarvin In reply to Case Sensitive e-mail???

'Course I thought some users had brains too, but they almost always prove me wrong :-0

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That's predetermined

by Oz_Media In reply to that's funny..

Or it SHOULD be anyway.

How many help desks have YOU spoken with that didn't ask/confirm what OS you were running before passing your call into queue? Unless calling 'Linux users only' of course.

the other one I like is when asked for a URL, "is that all one word?"

"NO, it's a paragraph with spaces and hyphens I decided to not tll you about when I spelled out the address, I thought you'd be abe to figure it out!"

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That's not my experience...

by benny In reply to that's funny..

I've been a unix SysAdmin for 10+ years, and adminned many email servers (qmail, postfix, even Exchange, Dog help me!), and never seen a case-sensitive email server.

In unix, only the items following the .com are case sensitive, because at that point you're interfacing with the actual file system, where case DOES matter.

But you should be able to type:
...or any variation and still get to the website. Same is true of email addies.

Just my two bits,

Unca Xitron

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Re: tech support blooper

by gstone In reply to tech support blooper

One of our remote sites was experiencing a
T1 outage. I was remotely troubleshooting the
problem when our onsite tech tracked the
extended demarc back to a smart jack that
had not an alarm light, but, absolutely no
lights or power. I told our providers engineer
that the smart jack had no lights or power and
they needed to dispatch telco, He replied, "
Can we try reseating the T1 module in the
router first?"

I could've folded it half, turned it sideways and
fit it in the slot with a hammer, but, with no
power to the smart jack it will still be a dead
circuit. Even more dead if I had done that
customization to the module and router. You
get the idea.

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