tech support for system commander 9 needed

By athon1 ·
I installed sys com 9.? To enlarge my boot part. to 20 gig., and later to install a 2nd o.s. all was seemingly fine with the resizing (I worked on the computer for a while)until I returned from shopping and tried to wake the computer from stand by mode and received "ntldr not found" on the screen.I called support the next morning and we tried for a hour to find a fix, xp recovery, replace mbr, set active,set visible and other attempts would not work, now the boot gets to the xp splash screen and reboots to the Windows XP setup screen showing the Recovery Console option reboot circle. The tech support person had 27 calls on cue and told me to call back in a couple of days. After he hung up I used partition explorer to check the boot files again and the file names were scrambled with ASCII characters. I have no luck with them for the last week any knowledge will be appreciated.

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boot to the CD

by CG IT In reply to tech support for system c ...

you want to uninstall System Commander...that thing is follow the on screen prompts to uninstall system commander...

If you want to dual book, go to MS Technet site for Windows XP and search dual boot. setup your comp that way...

Again, system commander is terrible..don't use it... only use the partitioning tools....

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1st priority is to save data

by athon1 In reply to boot to the CD

Thanks for the info I look forward to checking out MS Technet site. and Your 110% right System commander is terrible and that doesn't come close to their support ( baffle them with B.S. ideology )
1st I need to recover files that were not on backup before I write anything to that drive, I ran test disk 6.9 and can not understand how SC Virtual MBR works? I see all partitions and their mirrors marked deleted, further study showed 2- NTFS partitions with with files intact.

1st priority is to save data, I installed a new SATA drive with XP-pro working fine, when I attempt to install the old IDE drive as a slave (with read only permissions)my sk8v bios will no longer show the SATA drive as a boot option, I am looking into force interrupt 19 info.
I'll post my progress.
Thank You CG IT for the input

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you won't lose data if you uninstall System Commander

by CG IT In reply to 1st priority is to save d ...

but to be able to have Windows see the drive, you have to uninstall it. It's an overlay and will mask the drive.

so, just attach the drive as you did when you installed system commander, boot to the CD, choose the option to uninstall system commander. That will have System Commander restore the MBR record to the drive.

then you can attach it as a slave drive.

The only thing that's great with that suite of tools is partition commander. I've used it quite often and is a great little tool. Acronis makes a great partitioning tool as well. Acronis is more expensive than partition commander though.

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