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    Tech. support in/out device


    by wmack ·

    I work for a small software developemnt company. We have 9 software support techs that answer customer calls. We need a way to let our receptionist know when we are not at our desks so she doesn’t waste time calling our extensions to find out if we can take a call.

    I’m looking for a simple (read as cheap) solution. Maybe sometype of pop-up network box that we and mark as in/out.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.


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      Instant messenger

      by clearsmashdrop ·

      In reply to Tech. support in/out device

      Sounds to me a like an instant messenger would work. Just set it to away , when you go to lunch and the receptionist will know you are not there.

      How are all your calls routed. Do they go to her first?

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        Call routing

        by wmack ·

        In reply to Instant messenger

        The calls go to the receptionist first and then our routed to tech support.

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          Try something like ICQ.

          by clearsmashdrop ·

          In reply to Call routing

          Try to install some IM service like ICQ. When you get up from your desk set it to away.

          There might be somethine easier out there to do, but this would be free.

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