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    Tech Support Manager Available


    by cary44 ·

    I am an experienced Technical Support Manager who has successfully initiated and developed comprehensive Technical Support environments both internally and on a consulting basis. I have also written multiple articles that defined and specified the full scope of Technical Support, including a 9 Point Implementation Plan and a Guide to Effective IT Management.

    Having been on personal leave for a few months due to family medical problems, I am now looking to once again make an impact in the corporate world.

    I would welcome an opportunity to either build a comprehensive Technical Support environment from scratch, or enhance an existing group.

    I am a results oriented, motivating manager. My strong points include credibility, systemsmanagement and administration, proactive orientation, training and development, PC hardware and software support and troubleshooting problems.

    My ability to align IT strategies with corporate objectives would undoubtedly allow me to contribute significantly to an or

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      Tech Support Manager Available

      by plantogo2000 ·

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      Too many skills. Too many options.
      Key words are impact and opportunity.
      The assumption is that money is not as important as fulfilling your desires or maybe you can include that also in the below equation.
      An important question is: What do you want to do? What do you enjoy doing more than anything else?
      The most important question is: What do I need to do to give me or develop further the skills that I need to do exactly what I want to do and enjoy the most?
      The balance between want, need and enjoy is the hard part.
      It may help to ask yourself: Where do I want to be in five years – skills, position, responsibility, location and remuneration.

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