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tech support question etc.

By netforce ·
Does anyone know where I can find additional example questions usually asked for Help Desk/tech support interviews.

Such as: A client opens up Excel within Word and it freezes on them, what do you do?

Well I'm told you are to ask "the right questions", am I right?

Such as:

What os is the client using? etc.

Is client running any other apps background/forground?

Does this happen only while opening up Excel within Word?

So I need to find some resources on the web or Techrepublic that will give me some insight to the above questions.

Preping for Help Desk/Tech support interviews. How to answer questions and types of questions.

Also one unfortunate problem that I'm working on is that I don't have a photographic memory. That really sucks when they ask you to walk them through something a little more complex than adding a user in 2000 work/server.

Any suggestions?

Way Cool!

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Help Desk or tech support

by Oldefar In reply to tech support question etc ...

Most help desk positions are entry level. They are looking for individuals who can follow a scripted series of questions, properly record the results, and respond with scripted directions. In short, knowing the answer is not required. Personality (friendly, courteous, and empathatic) on the phone is the important trait.

Tech support is typically the position requiring the more advanced technical skills. Often the tech support candidate faces a "peer" interview where current tech support workers do the assessment of the technical skills. My experience has been that these interviews are more an opportunity for the peers to display their own expertise. The secret here is to keep in mind they are assessing more how you impact their own security and prestige. Be open to their comments, don't threaten their knowledge with your own expertise, and present yourself as hoping to learn from them and you win allies. By all means express your analysis of a technical issue, but don't overdefend it if they disagree. No one wants to hire their replacement in the social order.

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Interview questions for techs

by CallCtrMgr In reply to tech support question etc ...

I would suggest asking some high level questions and see how they think. For example say that a customer calls and can not print, what would you ask them and do some role playing. It shows their thought process and their ability to communicate and follow a logical path. In many cases there are no right or wrong answers to these, but how they go about asking questions that make sense tell you alot. Also questions about: Dial up problems; VPN connectivity; laptop/desktop won't boot; virus warning; outlook high level theory questions (like giving access to someone else's folders, etc). I believe that asking a question that only has one answer may be missing the boat on the overall person.

Hope that helps!

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