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Tech to computer ratio

By rcx2818 ·
Is there a industry standard or optimal ratio for tech to computers / printer support?-- ex. 1 tech to 50 computers.We are currently running 1 Help desk,10 tech's and 3 network people for about 9,000+ computers/printers and 1,500 coming soon!!I would like to show the people in charge we need more tech's so anything published or a online article would be great.Thanks

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10,500 systems vs 10 techs!?!?!?!?!

by mailbag In reply to Tech to computer ratio

Man, I'd have my resume out in the field if this were my IT dept.

Seriously though, your talking about more than 1000 systems to every user. Thats almost inhuman unless your issue ratio is almost nil.

The standard revolves somewhere areound 200-300 systems per tech.

Issue ownership and follow thru, I bet, is your worst problem currently.

Are you on a billback model? Those demographics will show how many issues a tech is handling a day, easily. If your packing a range of 15 minutes per minor issue, and 30-45 minutes for complex issues, you have how many staffed hours a day? 10x8=80 manhours in one day?

take your issues and divide them by how long the average resolution should take. Level 1 issues are 15 minutes at least. If all your doing it simple issues, then you can probably pack about 300 issues in one day with those kind of manhours.

If your on a 10,500 system foundation, if one half of those suffer some minor issue, you need to have 21000 manhours to troubleshoot and resolve. Look at it as 1/4th. Even then your nowhere near something called fair use of resources.

Your scheduling issues for handling for days after the issue was originally submitted. Customer satisfaction and confidence would be at an all time low. Adding KEY MEMBERS to your IT group would be your first best step. Hand pick the best skills and resolution providers you can find. Pay them what they are worth. Look for people with the skills you specifically need who are out to improve themselves or have a real desire to work with computers.

Otherwise they will burn out too quickly.

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by jackzero In reply to 10,500 systems vs 10 tech ...

i agree with 200-300/users per desktop tech. also, it depends on laptops or desktops. how much they travel etc. laptops have more problems especially when they try to dial in. as far as network admins, it depends on the type of NOS you have.

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