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Tech to Manager transition

By it_admin ·
Is it possible to become an IT Manager? I'm in a dying company, so I'm actively searching for a Management position. The problem is nobody wants to give someone with 6 years tech experience and a year or two of Project Lead experience, a change to 'prove' themselves. How do people do this?

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It is possible.

by hoggin In reply to Tech to Manager transitio ...

it is possible to find that Managers spot that you are looking for. If there is no chance of you ever getting that opportunity at your current employer then you may want to look for an open senior position at another firm that will give you the chance to show your talents as a leader and a manager of people. If other companies are not reaily willing to give you a direct shot at the management position, you may want to make the suggestion of them bringing you in as a Senior Tech. With the understanding that you want to prove your ability to fill the management role that they are looking to fill.

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Think carefully before switching

by NetTek In reply to Tech to Manager transitio ...

I'm not sure where you are looking geographically, but I know that in many areas there is a shortage of IT manager's. There is probably a greater demand for technicians than managers, but if you are diligant in your search you should be able to finda position. One downside is that you may have to take a pay cut because of your lack of management experience (although you have 2 yrs. of project mgmt. experience, you lack the "Management" or "Director" title in your past work experience).

Manytechnical people have no desire to ever switch to management for the following reasons:
1. Experienced techs often make nearly as much in salary as the people they report to; in some instances they make even more.
2. If the economy sours, managersare usually the first to get laid off because technical staff are more important to the day-to-day operations of the company.
3. Some people feel that once you enter management it is death to your technical career. It becomes harder to keep up on the newest technology. If you ever have to leave management and go back to the technical side, you are at a disadvantage.
4. Once you enter management, ALL problems become your problems. Technicians have more definitive responsibilities. As management, not only have to share in the responsibilities of all your staff's problems, upper-management will be coming to you when something goes wrong.

Think carefully before taking the plunge into management.

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Can I do both?

by yrb In reply to Think carefully before sw ...

I don't have much to add to this but rather an additional question: I just started a discusion on the issue of staying in touch technicaly in a (new) management position. I find it difficult and squezed sometime between upper management and the technicians.
I'm looking for resourses on this topic. Any help appreciated. As my startup company growth, I will also have soon to decide the career path I want to take. I'm not sure yet, I want a good chalenging job but also I want to like it and I still love the technical side of the job. I don't care much about title and climbing but I like chalenges as well.
Thanks for any feedback

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