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Ladies and Gents

I have a quick question and i would appreciate your input. We are looking in hiring couple IT assistants and i am thinking what practical tests should i put them through. Task list for the post includes supporting our users both hardware and software, maintenance of our website, looking the backups on the servers (box standard stuff). I am thinking it should be a combination of both software and hardware. The candidates are of all shapes, size and experience:). What i was thinking so far is:

1) Install a network card
2) Setup a static IP address and find the external IP address
3) find the mac address
4) in dreamweaver create a page with a box in the middle and some text in it and then center it vertically and horizontally.

I can do all that within 30min so i cant see why the shouldn't. Whats your thoughts?....any other ideas are greatly appreciated.


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Run 6 laps?

by .Martin. In reply to Techn Test for IT assista ...


depending on where you work:

diagnostic: give them a computer with something wrong and make them figure out what is wrong, with only a report from a 'computer-novice'

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might take too long

by xmlmagician In reply to Run 6 laps?

That is a good idea but it might take too long and i do not want one candidate to wait for the previous one to finish.

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This really depends on what you want here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Techn Test for IT assista ...

Personally I prefer Keen People as you can teach these what you want to work the way you want within your organization.

The last thing you need is someone walking in demanding a complete redesign of everything. While they may even be correct things are the way that they are for a reason and most times this is fostered on these Organizations by External Factors out of their control.

Putting it simply it's better to get someone who you can train to your standards rather than someone who will constantly be fighting you on ways to improve things.

These Eager people will also require far less supervision after the Initial Training Period and can be left to their own devices to make your life easier.


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Good idaa

by xmlmagician In reply to This really depends on wh ...


Thank you for your input. I am in two minds on this one. Although i am all for that i want them to be able to perform with the minimum amount of training. I did when i started on the organisation and i did turn out as the person you described. I am a bit uneasy with too eager people as i had someone formating a partition of our server with all the 70GB (inc backups/thank God for tapes) of data that was used day today.

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Harware Tech, Help Desk, Web Site developer.?

by 1bn0 In reply to Techn Test for IT assista ...

Maybe you should detwrmine what you are hiring themn for.

If you want a pc technicain, then the practical setup itmes might be relevent.

Help Desk. Then the application support can be important but not as important as their general level of functiuonality on the P.C. or even more how they deal with people who are having problems. Patience and a cool temper prevail.

Dreamweaver is a Professional WebSite development platform.

If you want to create a box with text in the middle of it on a web page use MSword. Its faster and probably already installed. Doesn't really prove much.

If you want a web site designer, hire one with proper qualifciations.

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Jack of all trades

by xmlmagician In reply to Harware Tech, Help Desk, ...


I want them to be jack of all trades (sort of). We have contractors that provide us with web development, advanced server issues, SQL, etc. So i need them to be able to handle a number of issues. Patience and a cool temper is something that i would definetely look at as our users are below average (i had someone calling me to ask how do you restart a laptop).

I know you can do the box thing with MSWord but the point of the exercise is to see if they can use dreamweaver which is the way we use to maintain our website (change content is pages etc)

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Dreamweaver isn't really a Jr. Admin job

by CG IT In reply to Jack of all trades

if you use it to change your site and want to off load that to a jr admin, then why can't they just learn it, rather than making it a job requirement. It's a web developers skill really.

I think that you need to determine just what the jr. admin is going to do. Armed with that, you can easily create a hands on test for it. Throw in some higher level hands on stuff just to see where their competency level is at.

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Dreamweaver test is a goner:)

by xmlmagician In reply to Dreamweaver isn't really ...

After popular request the dreamweaver test is off:)

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