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By arjee63 ·
Recommended Software?

I've been attempting to review some good software which will fairly easily migrate the text from a printable version of instruction manuals to help files.

At present, I'm using a combination of MS Word, Front Page, and HTML Help to accomplish this migration. Obviously, Word is excellent for creating the printed version of instruction manuals, but I want to migrate portions of the document into topics in help files for the same application.

In my ideal world, I'd like a tool that allows me to take the information from the printable formats, plug portions of it into html format files, and be able to incorporate a stylesheet for the look and feel, instead of the junky line-by-line formatting that Word adds whenI convert from .doc to .htm - and I'd like to do it without having to go from .doc to plain text, and then to .htm, recreating the image file links, etc.

I'm showing my naivete - but I envision a product that will allow me to manage both at the same time, and provide a master file that will index both the .docs for printing and the multiple file types (.htm, .css, and the image folders) for the help files?

Could someone recommend tools which will allow me to more easily manage the process? Or am I totally out in left field?

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