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    Technical Interview


    by technicalguy ·

    I am preparing myself for an interview with Google and I run across which list many interview questions and answers. I am not sure if any body went through an interview with Google. I need some hints

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      Well clicked on a few of their stock answers

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to Technical Interview

      and I thought they sounded like stock answers.
      A good interviewer will rip you a new one, I’m not that good and I’d sniff an opportunity to make you sweat after the first answer.

      If you’ve prepared with this sort of stuff, you’ll be caught flat footed, if they go for you and I would.

      Be honest, be natural, try ( I know it’s hard ) to relax as much as you can.

      Where do you see yourself in five years time?

      This is an excellent question. So you you want to stay technical or go more management. Pick one and ask them questions back.

      Do they have technical track advancement, what sort of retention rates do they have, what sort of appraisal policies do they have in place.

      A good interviewer will recognise the strategy (get them to talk more than you), but they’ll have to curb the general no answer could possibly be right garbage.

      Don’t turn the desk lamp round and develop a bad german accent by the way.

      I see myself progressing to team leader through my mentoring skills and ability to plan, what sort of …

      Try and keep it conversational, the thing they’ll want to see above all is confidence.

      There come back is what have you planned, or who and how many people have you mentored. It’s not a set of discrete questions and answers but a story. Put wee nuggets in there, when I did my first cross platform project I mentored a junior admin.

      Which platform? great chance to whack one of your success stories in.

      Be consistent, don’t say you work much better in a team and then two minutes later I’ve done my best work alone.

      If they start with the technical questions, don’t panic and don’t BS.
      They may not expect you to know the answer they might be trying to map the limits of your current knowledge, if you haven’t a clue, say so.

      If it sounds sort of familiar but they used some slightly different jargon or it sounds bass ackwards, clear up the confusion by getting them to explain or re word.
      Answer the question with a question, Is that where you… summary.
      Then based ion the response expand or switch horses .

      Oh two more tips, polish your shoes and don’t turn up pished. 😀

      Best of luck.

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