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Technical issues?

By jkaras ·
I dont know if it is just me but, for the past couple of months I have re-engaged my participation with the technical discussions only to not see my current postings listed in my discussions in the "my discussions". It posts my input fine on all but I get no credit as if I never posted despite my post shown. The only ones visable on my list are old ones that are well over a year old. If I want to revisit to see any feedback I have to find them manually rather than the quick link feature. My points never change and the questions remain still open? I am just retarded, well maybe special at times or what?

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by jkaras In reply to Technical issues?

I used the wrong terminology on the "my discussions" meaning "Questions participated in:" under "my questions". I dont care about the points mind you its just the follow up ability to see if I was right to assist honing of my skills.

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Technical Q&A

by itctonguy In reply to whoops

When I answer a technical Q&A, I have never had my response show up until after it was rated. I don't understand why this is the way the system works, I just know that seems to be the ticket. The Q&A statistics screen shows that I have participated in more than three Q&As, but from "Questions participated in" it only shows three that I have answered, which are the three answers which have been rated by the question poser. For some strange reason, I can't figure out why it takes questioners so long to rate usually has taken a week or longer for the q's I've answered.

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by djent In reply to Technical issues?

The "my questions" list has been unchanged since July 03, following a TR update. I have left messages for Admin and posted to Discussions but nothing happens to resolve it. I guess its not important to backtrack "my questions" and the points are of no value at all. This poses the question, of what value is TR?

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