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By abhrajit ·
I have been tasked within a big project to write a technical specification/solution for a new system that will be replacing the old one. In fact relevant department requested the IT department to provide a guidance/solution in upgrading the current system. I am not sure what kind of report it would be. feasibility report/functional spec ??
If there's anyone who has done this before or a template I can use as a guideline will be most appreciated.

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by Haris In reply to Technical Specification/S ...

The Technical Specifications will depend upon the project specifications, its domain and the specific solution.

A technical specification describes the internal implementation of the program. It talks about data structures, relational database models, choice of programming languages and tools, algorithms, etc. It differs from functional specs, which state what the system is to DO, entirely from the user's perspective.

Following are some general guidelines for technical specifications:

System overview: Describe the overall functionality of the system and how it fits with other key systems and business objectives.

Technical Summary: Briefly describe the technical features of the system. Specify features that are unique or require additional time or skills to implement.

Resources: Record the people and their roles who will be directly involved in building, testing, etc the system. Idenify the material resources required - for example servers or other hardware.

Assumptions: List the assumptions that influence the design and deployment decisions.

programming Specifications: In this section enter the details of how resources will build the system.

programming tools: List the programming tools, if appropriate, that are to be used for the project.

Algorithms: specify algorithms applied in the solution.

System Architecture; Testing; Implementation; Performance and Recovery.



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Documentation and Methodologies

by lt_poncho In reply to Technical Specification/S ...

To provide some additional insight to the documentation requirements, especially when it comes to other non-IT departments requesting IT of both guidance and actually producing the artifacts requested (i.e. the Functional Design Specifications), you should request of the project the relevant business requirements documentation (BRD), if not at the very least a vision document that outlines the scope of the project.

UML and other development methodologies provide a start to finish framework for software design, ensuring that when you get to the point where you are at now ? writing a functional design specification artifact ? that the functional specifications can be traced back to specific and valid business requirements. The cost of going out of scope is usually a lot more than anticipated /presumed.

The purpose of these documents is to provide visibility and traceability from Requirement to Function. The artifact that has been assigned to you would normally be among the last documents to provide to the project.

Best regards to the success of your project.


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by akosini In reply to Technical Specification/S ...

I Believe it will be a functional Specification Document.

The Functional Specification Document should consist of the following:

1. Introduction
2. Executive Summary
3. Application Domain
4. Benefit Analysis
5. General Requirements of the application
6. Functional Requirements Area
7. Distribution and Support Requirements
8. Infrastructure Details
9. Success Measurements

let me know if this makes sense or whether you need more details...


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