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technician to user ratio

By ssonmys ·
I am trying to find out what is the common or "best practice" technician to user ratio. I work for a software company that uses Linux, Windows, and Apple OS. The team supports servers and desktops. If there is someone out there with a similar environment, I would appreciate your feedback.


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Tough to calculate

by mjd420nova In reply to technician to user ratio

That ratio has way too many variables to come up with a formula to help figure what is needed to support a fixed number of users. I support close to 1200 users, but it also involves printers, plotters, scanners and two dozen specialized peripherals. Monitors take up the bulk, but PC's are made by too many mfgrs to be able to stock a standard set of spares. I work off of response times and repair times, so being able to diagnose trouble plays a bigger part of service than just swapping out units. The age of units also has to be factored in and included in any formula. Then there is the fudge factors of weather, disaster recovery and the uneducated users who call when there's no problem, just perception. The biggest variable is the skills of the technician.

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I like to go by

by jdmercha In reply to technician to user ratio

1 person can support 150 computers. (Installs and hardware troubleshooting)

1 person can support 150 computers (Software troubleshooting and training, for OS and Office apps)

1 Server application = 4 computers
1 computer = 4 printers

Multiple OS reduces 25% per OS
Multiple manufatureres reduces 25% per type
Equipment over 4 years old counts as 125%

Then you need to add for support of A/V equipment, database applicaitons, Enterprise applications, web development and programming.

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by educated_1_2 In reply to I like to go by

Those numberes seem 2 small. I was on a team of 5 that had 3000 users, 38 windows application servers, 4 print servers, and about 6000 printers, not to mention the in-house software support functions, monitors, various OS's, and pcs.

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What is your source for those ratios

by Claude.charest In reply to I like to go by


i need to produce a report for the ratio of techical persons by users that we have at our faculty vs what is recommended and my experience tells me that your ratios are good but i would like to have some reference that confirm those ratios. Where did you find these ratios.

Thanks for your answer


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Ratio - Support PC

by d.masson In reply to What is your source for t ...

Bonjour Claude,
Avez-vous eu des r?ponses, car j'ai aussi besoin de cette information, tant au help desk que sur la route,

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Pas de reponse

by Claude.charest In reply to Ratio - Support PC


Non toujours pas de reponse. Je me suis bas? sur ce que j'ai trouv? dans les diff?rents forums pour produire quelque chose mais j'aimerais bien trouver de la litt?rature sur le sujet. Pas facile pcq ca peut vraiment varier beaucoup en fonction du type d'envirronnement et de services offerts... Je cherche encore... Si je trouve je vous les fait suivre.

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