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How Big Data Analytics Help Organizations Gain a Competitive Advantage
Big data solutions are being implemented across industries by organizations big and small.This is attributed to the fact that organizations are realizing that big data not only has the potential to solve business problems,but touncover new opportunities. Big data is gathered from a wide variety of sources, such associal media, web server logs, customer reviews, sales transaction records and more. It further helpsorganizations glean useful insightsfrom data to drive current and future business decisions.It help organizations understandhidden patterns and market and business trends, which translates into competitive advantage. The aim of analyzing big data is to know more about your customers and the market in which your organization operates.Given this, the more accurate information you get from your big data, the better insights it will provide your organization.
The article focuses on highlighting the key advantagesthat organizations can achieve by using big data and applying it to gain a competitive advantage over the competition.
Advantages of Big Data Analytics
One major advantage of big data for any organization is that it provides information about customers and prospects. This allows organizations totailor their offerings to meet customer needs and create appropriate segmentation and marketing campaigns for prospects.In addition, big data allows organizations to quickly test new ideas before they areincluded in mainstream product or service offerings.Here are a few of the key advantages of big data analytics for organizations:
• Provides clear and accurate data
• Improves decisionmaking
• Improvesperformance monitoring and helps predict future trendsp

1. Provides clear and accurate data-The majority of thevalue derived from big data relates to what is being said about an organization. This data is generally obtained from the analysis of customer sentiments and behavior, which makes the insights more accurate than any other source of raw data.Organizationscan leverage this data to make internal business decisions, to re-price itemsand customize offerings according to the changing market conditions.

2. Improvesdecision making-Big data provides valuable insights and usable knowledge to support enterprise decision-making – both internal and market specific. It helps key stakeholders make changes to improve operational efficiency and business processes as well as understand market

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