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By mmemmons ·
Why would a networked computer be able to hit the Intenet ONLY if a IP
address is typed in and NOT be able to hit the Internet if an actual web
domain name is typed in?

For example: I can hit and come to a certain site
I cannot type in without getting an error that I am not
connected to the Internet.

What Network settings may cause this strange occurance?

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by Churdoo In reply to Technology Coordinator used for name to IP address resolution.

Check the DNS settings in the network connection properties and compare them to neighboring workstations.

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by CG IT In reply to Technology Coordinator

the LAN DNS server doesn't forward unresolved queries to internet root hint servers or possibly but not probably, your proxy blocks that domain name [should also block using physical address as well but then you wouldn't be able to get to the site using it's actual address].

Note: a name www.<yourdomainname>.com is the equilvelent of an IP address 24.X.X.X:<port #> so when you type in the actual address and port # your typing out the actual address which will always work as long as the address is valid.

note your port # 8181 that is a proxy port # as http means port 80. any other port used is a LAN proxy for port 80 on http requests.

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by mmemmons In reply to forwarders

Thanks to all for the helpful suggestions

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there is the thumbs up button

by CG IT In reply to Technology Coordinator

if the suggestions are truely helpful, the thumbs up button is a way to say it.

on the other hand, if they aren't ..well maybe smorty will put in a thumbs down.

:reminds me of gladiator contests:

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