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Technology in 20 years?

By jfuller05 ·
How much do you think technology will grow in 20 years? Do you think we will finally see hover cars? Or do you think the growth in technology will be modest?
I do believe tower based computers will almost be obsolete by that time. Desktop cases will probably be considered "beastly" by that time as well. I guess what I'm really asking is do you think in just 20 years earth will be as futuristic as the settings in Terminator or I-Robot?

*I don't think I-Robot was the greatest movie ever, I just mentioned it for a visual reference.

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I'm planning

by shasca In reply to Technology in 20 years?

On buying a Hoverchair from The Scooter Store in ten yrs.

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by jfuller05 In reply to I'm planning

A hoverchair sounds nice! Maybe I could other people like George Costanza did with a group of senior citizens in an episode of Seinfeld.

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Well as I'm planning on

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Technology in 20 years?

Growing Old Disgracefully I'll be keeping my 1982 Ducati and terrorizing the areas that I'm still capable of traveling to on it.

When that beast was new we didn't have computers as we know them today or even the belief that we could all have a computer to use when we wanted to. The development of Motor Vehicles hasn't progressed that much and if anything the Fly/Drive by Wire Approach adopted by Toyota and which has proved so unsuccessful is likely to prevent development along those lines any further.

While Electronics themselves have radically changed and Silicon Based technology has made leaps & bounds from what it was back them I personally think you'll find what is used in 20 years time wasn't even thought of today.


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You're right

by jfuller05 In reply to Well as I'm planning on

our ideas, thoughts, probably won't even come close to what is actually going to be the standard of technology in that time.

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I see technology making it easier

by NickNielsen In reply to Technology in 20 years?

for us to shift responsibility, allow our brains to go to pot, and throw courtesy out the door.

"Don't blame me, the computer was driving."

"You can do math in your head?"

"Hey, watch where you're going. You just made me lose my game!"

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Hopeless derelict of the past

by santeewelding In reply to I see technology making i ...
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And planning to stay so. -nt-

by NickNielsen In reply to Hopeless derelict of the ...
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Oh, man.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I see technology making i ...

You promised not to tell. :0

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Yeah, and for some reason...

by jfuller05 In reply to I see technology making i ...

I think technology will be at some level like the recent Bruce Willis movie, "Surrogate" I believe was the name? Where we actually will have our brains hooked up to a digital world, I guess like the Matrix, but the digital world would probably be more like Sims. Of course, the Digital world would be pretty awesome if it was on par with .hack!

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