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Technology to business, not vice versa

By Sensor Guy ·
The vendors hype all sort of options. Consolidation, distributed, smaller is better, bigger is more efficient.

The real answer is to map the technology and optimize it to the present and future business and organizational needs. There is usually no one solution for all organizations and business needs, unless, of course, you are planning a future outsource.

It's interesting that content repositories always follow vendor hype trends but not user/management issues. The real valuable articlewould be to study when consolidation is a good decision (and on what platform) versus when de-consolidation is the better choice.

The issue of consolidation versus status quo versus de-consolidation would be one that CIO's and CFO's could easily take to the CEO and the board when M&A activity is a possibility. Maybe consolidation should be in a preliminary plan before considering outsourcing, to reduce contract costs. That's what we need to do, rather than hype one vendor's solutions over another. Be in in the CEO's office, planning ahead of time, not reacting to what happens in the business. The mark of a good CIO.

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Another Perspective

by Oldefar In reply to Technology to business, n ...

Think about another technology arena - personal transportation - and look at how vendors, columns, content repositories, and decision makers handle this.

When you bought your last vehicle (auto, motorcycle, or bike) or chose to outsource (cab, bus, train, rapid transport system, or rental service) what was your approach? Did you succomb to the hype, or did you do a careful analysis of requirements and selection based on meeting requirements and best ROI?

Just wondering. I agree with youthat solutions come from business, not the other way around.

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