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Technology vs. Mother Nature - AI talk

By KevinS ·
I have been associated with IT for the last 16 years. I am an MCSE and have worked with some really large networks.
I have seen the computer evolve from a 64k machine (with no hard drive) to a Gigaflop desktop machine in that time.
I still earn my living working in technology but I have to play Devil's advocate here...
Do we need it? Get basic for a sec...
All we really need is food, water, and shelter. Does it matter if my server at home crashes with my collection of .mp3 songs that I got from Napster (and don't have a backup?)?
What matters is the ground that we walk on, the air that we breathe, and the trees that provide said air.
What about the future of artificial intelligence? I heard that in Britian, they now have a robot that runs on food.
Anyone ever think about the direction that technology evolves as a whole?
Some might argue that we NEED technology to keep us alive. i.e. - Transplants, surgery, life-support. Well, I say we should let more people die. We are circumventing Natural Selection with the evolution of technology.
Don't get me wrong, I am no fact, I still work in technology.
I just think that we humans could use more instincts and less intellect.

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Instincts, Intellect or Something Else

by generalist In reply to Technology vs. Mother Nat ...

I consider myself to be either an environmentalist with technological leanings or a technologist with environmental leanings. I've heard a number of discussions about the things you mentioned and have come to my own conclusions about what humans need.

Instinct helps, but it doesn't handle complexity well. Intellect helps, but it sometimes gets into trouble when it doesn't look at the big picture.

A combination of the two, with knowledge of how things work and a moral compass to guide the results might be the best.

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