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    TechPerspective: Whatever happened to IL


    by itdebate ·

    Gartner argues that Microsoft has built a technology arsenal around International Language (IL) and COOL (C++ Object-Oriented Language) which will challenge Java over the next few years. Our TechPerspective discussion question this week: Do you see IL and COOL as viable and competitive alternatives to Java? You can read the related Gartner article, which will be posted on 3:00 AM Monday, at r00220000522ggp01.htm.

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      TechPerspective: Whatever happened to IL

      by wayne m. ·

      In reply to TechPerspective: Whatever happened to IL

      I wasn’t able to find the referenced article, but I think the language wars are about over. Current languages express a great deal of complexity fairly well. I do not see any break throughs coming which increase the amout of complexity expressed, merely tweaks to the existing way of doing things.

      The next technology for addressing complexity is interconnection between executables or component technology. The major technologies in this area are COM, CORBA, and MQ Series.

      I do not see ILor COOL attracting much use. I even wonder if JAVA may be too late. There is little to be gained by generating new languages; it is time to move up to the next step in computer evolution.

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      TechPerspective: Whatever happened to IL

      by thomas.nelson@coxhealth ·

      In reply to TechPerspective: Whatever happened to IL

      No, I see the Microsoft products as just another means to attempt to lock the end user into continued use of Microsoft products via highly proprietary products.

      I don’t believe that Microsoft will ever play in the “open” arena, and someday they will find that out the hard way. Microsoft will continue to suffer delusions of grandeur (similar to some of our 20th century world domineering wanabees), until such time that people finally get sick of having to upgrade hardware and software every couple of years just to keep “Uncle Bill” in caviar.

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      TechPerspective: Whatever happened to IL

      by smithjj ·

      In reply to TechPerspective: Whatever happened to IL

      To win the cross platform language wars MS must win mindshare of web developers. They are already used to working with Java. To get them to change, MS must show (not merely state) that their technology is superior to java. MS will not be able to deliver this in the next few years. The best MS can hope for is to migrate their stable of VB and COM programmers to this new languages. In that case, the best that may happen is these technologies become the new niche languages in the MS development environment.

      Without a broad base of developers supporting these lanugages, applications using them won’t be created. Without these applications, businesses have no reason to migrate to them. Therefore these languages will not have much of animpact.

      Jeff Smith

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