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Questions is what is TechPoints. I don't know what they are or what they may be used for.

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by SyscoKid In reply to TechPoints

How do I join the TechPoints program?
By registering with the TechRepublic Web site, you are automatically enrolled in the program. You even receive points for filling out your membership information!

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Is the TechPoints program free?
Yes. You will never be charged to participate.

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How do I earn TechPoints?
You earn points simply by using The more you use the Web site, the more points you earn. You can participate in the TechPoints program with one login ID only. Points that you earn on also count toward your total TechPoint balance on .

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What can I get with the points I earn?
You can redeem points to receive solutions to your computing problems via the TechRepublic Technical Q&A.

How do I get more points?
There are a lot of great ways to earn points. Here's a list of the points and how you can earn them:

Action Number of TechPoints
? Register for membership. 500
? Vote in a user poll. 250
? Fill out a survey. 500
? Post a technical answer to a question in
our Technical Q&As. Variable credit based on questioner's rating and number of points initially assigned to question
? Close a Technical Q&A question and rate the answers. 1000
* Please note the TechPoints program has changed; you do not receive TechPoints for actions you may have earned for in the past

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How do I use TechPoints within the Technical Q & A area of the site?
You assign a point value to a question you ask, based on its difficulty. (Tip: The more points you assign to a question, the more likely it is that your question will be answered.) The number of points you assign is deducted from your account automatically, so your account must currently have enough points to post the question with the points you've assigned.

When someone answers your question, first make sure you are logged in to your account, and then you can rate the answer. When you rate the answer,

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by SyscoKid In reply to can assign a rating of:

Unacceptable?Didn't help me
If you rate an answer Acceptable, the question will be closed. The points will be divided evenly among all answers rated Acceptable. That means you can accept more than one answer.

If you rate an answer Unacceptable, the question will remain open by default. In the Rate Answers portion of the page, you are given the option of closing the question or leaving it open to accept more answers. If you close the question with all answers marked as Unacceptable, you are credited with all of the points back to your account. Word of warning, if you rate all answers unacceptable, be sure to add comments to the posted answers informing the member of why their answer was not acceptable. Otherwise you are seen as abusing the feature and members will not answer your questions anymore in the future.

You can also withdraw a question if no one has answered it. In that case, your points are returned to your account total.

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How long does it take points to post to my account?
Most TechPoints you earn are posted immediately. Some may not post until the following day.

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What if I was a registered member before the TechPoints program began?
We automatically enrolled you in TechPoints when the program began. We gave you the same number of points new users receive for registering.

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What's the legal stuff?
TechRepublic reserves the right to take action against any user who abuses the TechPoints system. This action includes subtracting previously credited points and banning the user from the TechRepublic site.

TechRepublic may change or discontinue the TechPoints program, or any part of it, without individual notice or liability, by posting the changes on

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by rvmoro In reply to

The answer was very helpful, and now understand its value.

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by rvmoro In reply to TechPoints

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