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TechProGuild Feedback Forum: John Sheesley

Welcome to my TechProGuild Feedback Forum! What are we going to discuss here? You tell me. Windows Server 2003... NetWare... Linux... Professional Wrestling... The Presidential Election... (Not to confuse the two.)

You pick the topic, and we'll talk about.

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What forum?

by Oz_Media In reply to TechProGuild Feedback For ...

Did you post this in the Tech Pro Guild discussion group? I looked but didn't run into it.

As a TR peer, I do not belong to TP Guild as it has never offered anything that couldn't be found elsewhere for free. Now I know TPG has had a facelift and is apparently offering new incentive to members but wouldn't THIS TPG specific discussion be best posted either IN TPG or at least in the TPG discussion group?

Forgive me if it already is, but it seems to have been posted as a general discussion, which it is not because only TPG members can offer input.

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Well at least I'm not the only one

by TomSal In reply to What forum?

Who was confused by the post. Um..this isn't Tech Pro Guild right? Or did someone give me a free membership?

As for the TPG - yep its a money for nothing really special (nor anything you can't find for free)...ooor TADA!!! Use the free version of TechRepublic !

Hmmm..hard choice..spend money...or not? hmmmm..

Happy Tuesday

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Wow that was fun

by Oz_Media In reply to Well at least I'm not the ...

I went to respond and it asked me to login for the first time in years.
So I did, KNOWING without question what my login info was, NO GO. Three trys still no go.

After password resend and change back, I am back online at TR, what a wierd trip that was late afternoon.

As for spend money or not, I will agree, NOT.

You're right, as I suggsted befoer, a quality of a good net admin is to have a system of quick resources to find answers in a rush. If you can't narrow down a GOOD set of tools into two or three bookmarks for quick reference, you are not going to be a good admin. I hate to say it, especially here, but as far as a technical resource TR is my last resort. Tech Q&A support is phenominal if all else fails but for quick answers to problems, there are many free resources that can be found in a heartbeat, even DEJA is better than paying for a suport site for Microsoft products, I am a Novell Engineer, at least they aren't ignored on DEJA.

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How about using our points?

by Jcritch In reply to What forum?

Why can't we use our accumulated techpoints toward a techpro membership?

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Because they wouldn't make any money

by JimHM In reply to How about using our point ...

Why - because TR or Gartner (I think owes TR) wouldn't make any money ... need the cash...

Have you run anti-spyware agents on your machine yet ... just watch how many spy ware and trace ware appear from being on the TR site...

You'll be suprised...

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I think

by Oz_Media In reply to Because they wouldn't mak ...

O think TR is owned by C-Net as C-Net is the authorative company regarding TR content, the ones I was bitching about for wanting $2500.000 for public info.

C-Net is a great portal VERY busy, they also run ZD-Net which is equally as large (I find much better than C-Net) and god knows what else, this is no small company. Well TR seems very small but the owners are MASSIVE internet portals.

If they were actually interested in TR, they would fund it and make it what we want. I have a feeling (ust a personal idea) that C-Net doesn't really want anything to do with TR but to have their name tagged to it. Tr seems to be independantly run by the editors etc. and the service is funded by C-Net (again just a hunch).

So if TR kicked ni the C-Net door and told them to get their act together they would either be cut out of the picture or funded, I don't know if TR has a structure that would provide a single person who would be in charge of ths though as it seems to be mostly run by the editors and some staff.

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They quote Gartner so much -

by JimHM In reply to I think

I was thinking they were controlled by Gartner Advisory services because they quote them so much and use so much of their stuff.... Interesting I wonder who does control them..

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by Oz_Media In reply to TechProGuild Feedback For ...

Welcoming a discussion on the presidential elections? You are either looking for conflict (haven't you seen the political feuds here?)or you are segregating a GLOBAL forum by asking for topics that are US only?

I know you are simply looking for any discussion but that's what this discussion group has always been for isn't it?

Starting a new discussion group within a long time discussion group sounds a little off to me.


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A little too literal

by John Sheesley - TechRepublic Pro In reply to PS

You're taking the post a little too literal there Oz... Of course there are dozens of other posts here that are talking about the Presidential election. Not that many about Pro-wrestling I've noticed though... but that's besides the point.

The POINT was just to create a little discussion area for TechProGuild (and TechRepublic members as well) members to pass ideas back and forth about. It could be stuff about technology. It could be stuff about TechRepublic and/or TechProGuild features. Mine's the first right now, but other Editors will be doing the same soon.

The reason to put it in a General Discussion, is because there are many TechRepublic members who may not be TechProGuild subscribers, but still have relevant technological issues or have opinions about the product. This discussion just provides the outlet for it.

Now, as to you're point about TechProGuild, it rather begs the question of any subscription product - magazine, cable TV, satellite radio or whatever. One could take the view that ALL paid content could be available 'free' somewhere else. But, that's a rather 100,000 ft view.

I'm not going to start a debate about business models, but there is value there. Even if you can't see it from your vantage point.

John Sheesley
Senior Editor, TechProGuild

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Perhapse you also took it quite literally

by Oz_Media In reply to A little too literal

Firstly, the boards are slow right now, they lull after good feuds then pick up again, so much of my reason for posting at all was sheer boredom.

The reason I made the comments that I did was because as far as I could tell, your posting was redundant. The main discusson page explains about the types of discussions here (if that was your aim).

As far as content, yes it is nice to have a single place for all info, personally I have about three or four that cover pretty much everything I run into and a 'single point of contact' IS a benefit.

I am not trying to diminish the value of TPGuild.
One of the things I think is a MAJOR asset of any IT staff member is the ability to use your resources and find answers. No tech knows everything and the ability to know where to find info is imperative, TPGuild provides one such outlet for people who don't already have decent resources to get answers.

It just baffled me why someone would post IN the discussion forum that this was a good place to have discussions about whatever you want to discuss.

I understand business models quite well as I also get hired to improve corporate operations and streamline processes, but as you say, there's no need to start a debate (although, this would be the right place for it if any).

There is also no reason for you to suggest that I can't see it from my vantage point, I can see it quite clearly, perhaps your post wasn't concise in its explanation as to WHY it is here or the purpose of the post, if not to reiterate what the main Discussion page does.

I WOULD be interested in taking a test drive of the new TPGuild, but i am not interested in paying for content I might not be interested in.

I know that Novell IS a topic on TR and the Novell forum gets quite lively sometimes, but as far as articles and whitepapers are concerned, I have yet to see ONE focused on Novell and not entirely Exchange, MS server etc. If TPGuild DOES offer relevant Novell information, I would be interested in taking a browse, but seeing as I used the TRIAL when I came here a few years ago, I would now need to pay for a subscription in order to see if anything relevant has been added or improvements made.

Until then, I will just have to use my resources that are bookmarked and right at my fingertips, therefore I see no valid reason to pay for what I already have easy access to.

Then again, I really don't have any problem with TPGuild, as said before, it is a valuable asset to some. The issue was that you seemed to be addrsesing TPGuild members to use the discussion forum that we've used for years and made it seem as if it is a new place for TPGuild members to share their thoughts. Would somebody actually have a paid TPGuild membership and NOT know that the discussion forums are here? Again, irrelevant.

Perhaps your post was just too general yet targeted at the same time.

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